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  Go, Jays!

Among the 27 club sports offered at Homewood is cheerleading. Squad members pictured here (left to right): Rochelle Morgan, A&S '07, Fallon Ukpe, A&S '07, Lana Jo Hill, A&S '07.
Photo John Davis
In an act of unabashed boosterism, we bring you a special issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine that celebrates the sportier side of student life. The recreational endeavors we feature in the pages that follow run the gamut — from club sports like badminton and paintball to national contenders like baseball and lacrosse. We've even included a scorecard with season stats and highlights for all 24 men's and women's varsity teams. So grab your pom-poms (or at least an ice-cold drink and a snack), sit back, and enjoy our foray into the world of Blue Jays fun.

The Rivalry
By Dale Keiger

Join the Club!
By Kay Downer, A&S '04

The Year in Sports
By Dale Keiger

A Taste for Victory
By Maria Blackburn

Mind Game
By Jeffrey Labrecque, A&S '95

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