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And Why They're Not Always So Bad!

Unlike the Ten Commandments, the Seven Deadly Sins were not handed down from the mountaintop set in stone. Over the centuries, various sins have fallen on and off the "Deadly” list (today, sadness and sloth are used almost interchangeably), and their order has changed, depending on which Christian theologian was doing the ranking. Evagrius of Pontus considered gluttony the least serious offense, for instance, while Pope Gregory the Great conceded that honor to lust. For both men, pride — the fixation with self — was the most egregious. Thomas aquinas later argued the folly of any such ranking. His argument resonated with us, so don't look for any deep meaning in the order we've chosen. But do look for seven thought-provoking essays by Johns Hopkins writers — each accompanied by a bevy of compelling Hopkins stories that consider the sins in all their ugliness . . . and their occasional beauty.
Contributing writers: Kristi Birch, Maria Blackburn, Amy Cowles, Sue De Pasquale, Dale Keiger, Anna Leist, A&S '05, Holly Maddux, Jim Paterson, Catherine Pierre, and Greg Rienzi









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