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Samuel I. Katzoff, A&S '29, '34 (PhD), is in fair health and enjoying retirement from NASA. He is living in Baltimore.


Walter Brecher, A&S '34, writes: "I'm alive and well at 91 and the proud grandfather of a recent Duke graduate. I just celebrated my 65th wedding anniversary."

Jerome B. Cohen, A&S '34, helped to organize the reunion for the Class of 1934.


Edward Clautice, Engr '38, has been named to the International Who's Who in Poetry.


J. Allen Miller, SPSBE '40, writes: "Following retirement from BG&E, I moved to McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, to establish a mountain retirement home. At age 94, I relocated to a retirement community in Connecticut. I am starting a singing group to entertain fellow retirees."


Robert D. Solomon, Med '42, is an adjunct professor of biology at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, teaching chiefly infectious disease.


Stewart H. Benedict, A&S '45 (MA), has been included in the 2005 edition of Who's Who in the World.

Mary C. Kattus, Nurs '45, is living in a retirement residence and is volunteering on a project to develop activities for the cognitively impaired, using the Montessori Method of Education. She also volunteers at a local school, helping first-graders learn to read.

John C. Taylor Jr., Med '45, retired in September 1998, after 50 years in family practice.


Seymour H. Rubin, A&S '46, retired from the practice of medicine in 1989. Since then, he has been teaching Great Books in the Evergreen Society at JHU.

Irene T. Russell, Nurs '46, reports being in a great retirement center. She writes: "I raised five kids, all finished college. I have 15 grandchildren, plus three great-grandchildren. I was the first married nurse at JHU in 1944, and at that time I taught at Planned Parenthood in Baltimore."

J. Leland Sosman, Med '46, retired in July 2002 and is still active in the International Ski Federation as honorary member of the alpine rules committee and in the U.S. Ski/Snowboard Association as honorary director.


Mary Williams Danielson, Nurs '47, still volunteers three full days a week at a regional cancer center. She writes: "I love it, and it is an important part of my life."

Walter A. Lyon, Engr '47, '48 (MS), has retired from 20 years of teaching engineering in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Timothy D. Baker, A&S '48, SPH '54, served on the Surgeon General's Committee on Global Health and taught a Hopkins Barcelona course.

Graycie M. Cameron, Nurs '48, SPSBE '49, keeps active at church and community groups. Last year she visited friends in Lebanon, Illinois, and spent a month in the mountains at Sapphire, North Carolina.

Richard S. Mason, SAIS '48, writes: "The State of California has reduced its funding of school libraries by 95 percent, so I have spent the last year organizing a Friends of the Library in a high school. We have raised about $15,000 for books, computers, and extended library hours. If you have any used books to donate, please send them to Rancho Bernardo High School Library, 13010 Paseo Lucido, San Diego, California 92128."

Nathan A. Strauss, A&S '48, who had been a major in the medical command of the Maryland Defense Force, retired in 2001 after being approved by the National Guard to remain active.


Harry B. Marcoplos, A&S '49, '58 (MA), writes: "At a recent class reunion, all class members received an autographed copy of Hopkins professor Dr. P.M. Forni's book Choosing Civility."


William R. Cronin, A&S '50, spent 40 years newspapering and 15 years in highway construction in and around Baltimore City. He and his wife, Charlotte, are co-founders of the Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum.

Robert A. Schimek, Med '50, presented a paper on "Ophthalmic Serendipity" at the Tulane O'Brien Annual Ophthalmology Meeting in June.


Daniel S. McCarter, A&S '51, writes: "We are about to make a move to either Florida or Arizona and retire completely."


Jacqueline Bean Shaka, SPSBE '52, Nurs '52, and husband James A. Shaka, Med '52, HS '53, '57, write: "Our only travel this last year was to California to visit our children and grandchildren. We get in an almost daily five-mile walk and are still enjoying alpine skiing."


Alvin Deutsch, A&S '53, has been named one of the New York area's best lawyers by New York Magazine. He specializes in entertainment law at McLaughlin and Stearn, LLP in New York.

Virginia Roeder Wenger, SPSBE '53 (MEd), A&S '59 (PhD), was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma at Chickasha.

James F. Williamson, A&S '53, writes: "Congratulations to Coach Dave, his staff, and the 2005 national champion lacrosse team! What a storybook finish to a storybook season! It's hard to imagine a team responding any better for an entire season on each and every occasion when the pressure was greatest. Thank you, Blue Jays."


Ann L. de Journo, Nurs '54, writes: "Hats off to all who participated in our 50th Nursing School Reunion. It was impressively organized and oh, so memorable. I shall certainly look forward to our next!"


Eugene H. Galen, A&S '55, retired in 1996 from the practice of medicine. He continues to enjoy ocean sailing, genealogical research, and his four grandchildren. Both of his sons live in Beverly Hills, California. Steven Galen, A&S '88, practices internal medicine, and Douglas Galen is a facial oralmaxillary surgeon.

Margaret B. Trever, Nurs '55, SPSBE, '55, writes that "Robert Trever, Med '57 (PGF), HS '57, '58, retired November 1, 2004, after 46 years as a solo practitioner in Easton, Maryland."


Theodore A. Bickart, Engr '57, '58 (MS), '60 (PhD), was elected in 2004 a fellow of ABET, the accreditation body for applied science, engineering, and technology in the United States.

William J. Lambart Sladen, SPH '57, director of environmental studies at Airlie, continues to develop methods of teaching the endangered whooping crane and trumpeter swans migration routes as fictionalized in the movie Fly Away Home.


Ruth M. Barnard, Nurs '58, SPSBE '58, retired from the University of Michigan School of Nursing faculty five years ago. She is helping to start a school of nursing in Haiti.

Merrill I. Berman, A&S '58, writes: "I am retiring from the practice of child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry to spend more time playing with my wife and grandchildren."


Arthur Resnick, A&S '59, writes: "My latest release is Waiting for Paul to Call. I just received a BMI award for 6 million plays on Under the Boardwalk and 4 million plays on Good Lovin'."

Arnold B. Silverman, Engr '59, an attorney with Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, has been named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer 2005. He specializes in intellectual property law and chairs the intellectual property department at Eckert Seamans.


Michael A. Cipollaro, SAIS '60, is executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Rollins College.

Miriam DeCosta-Willis, A&S '60 (MA), '67 (PhD), retired from University of Maryland Baltimore County as professor of African Studies in 1999 and has since published two books: Singular Like a Bird: The Art of Nancy Morejon and Daughters of Diaspora: Afra-Hispanic Writers.

Edward E. Keiser, A&S '60, has held "an eclectic series of positions since retirement in 1999."

June M. Pankey, A&S '60 (MA), has retired from teaching and is enjoying traveling with her husband.

Thomas K. Simpson, A&S '60, '68 (PhD), writes: "After a career of teaching in the 'Great Books' program of St. John's College, I am now focusing on my long interest in James Clerk Maxwell. I've published Maxwell on the Electromagnetic Field, and Figures of Thought is forthcoming."

Mahmud A. Thamer, HS '59, Med '60 (PGF), SPH '61, went to Iraq with U.S. Coalition Health Group for six months. He writes: "I enjoyed my work there and have hope for a stable and free Iraq in the future."


Roland C. Blanktz, A&S '61, Med '65, was named the recipient of the Donald W. Seldine award of the National Kidney Foundation for leadership research in nephrology research.

W. Carl Hossfeld Jr., Engr '61, retired as president and managing principal of James Posey Associates, Consulting Engineers. He continues to be involved in the management of the firm as chairman of the board of directors.

Wade J. Williams, A&S '61, retired as a U.S. Army colonel after a 30-year career. In 1999, he relocated from Arlington, Virginia, to Peachtree City, Georgia, where he still does part-time consulting. He can be reached at


Phillips W. Peters Jr., A&S '62, '66 (MLA), is enjoying retirement and volunteer work as a master gardener in Pennsylvania. He also is active with photography, model railroading, and writing gardening articles for the local newspaper.

Michael D. Potash, HS '62, is a psychiatrist in private practice in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Ralph V. Tuner, A&S '62 (PhD), writes: "My latest book is Magna Carta through the Ages, published by Pearson Education Ltd in October 2003."


Kenneth M. Hanlon, Peab '63, '65 (MM), '89 (PhD), is first vice president and president-elect of the International Trombone Association from 2004 to 2006. He will serve as president from 2006 to 2008.

Edward R. Laws Jr., Med '63, has had a busy year as president of the American College of Surgeons. He was elected to membership in the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science.

Stuart H. Lessans, A&S '63, writes: "My twins, Matthew and Faye, are now 4 years old and doing well. I'm working part-time in my ophthalmology practice in Silver Spring, Maryland."

August V.B. Millard Jr., A&S '63, is living in Nepal, managing the USAID Democracy and Governance Program. He writes: "My wife, Elisabeth I.K. Millard, SAIS '81, is deputy chief of mission; my daughter Charlotte Millard, A&S '01, is a captain in the U.S. Army, serving in Iraq; my daughter Olivia is working in Washington; my daughter Alexandra is at Dartmouth College; and my sons, James and Richard, are in school at Kathmandu."

Kenneth L. Reifsnider, Engr '63, '65 (MA), '68 (PhD), is director of the global fuel cell center at the University of Connecticut and was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering 2004 and to the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering in 2005.


Gabriel E. Ceci Jr., A&S '64, has retired from full-time teaching and is now working part time as an educational consultant. He writes: "While at JHU, I learned to play bass fiddle, and I am still working with jazz bands."

George L. V‡squez, Bol '64, SAIS '64, writes: "After three years as chair of the History Department [of San JosŽ State University], I have been appointed to the office of associate dean of the College of Social Sciences, responsible for 10 university departments. Despite the change in assignment, I will continue to teach one course every other semester in modern European history."


Joan Ellen Corbett, Bol '65, SAIS '66, is senior diplomat in the Bureau of Arms Control and International Security and Nonproliferation in the U.S. State Department.

David C. Gakenheimer, Engr '65, has started his own company called GA Industries to develop and market software for the dental industry for analyzing digital radiographs to find tooth decay. His patented and FDA approved technology is on display at the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore.

Michael E. Kilpatrick, A&S '65, writes: "After retiring from the Navy in 1999 after 25 years, I was selected for the senior executive service, and I'm now the deputy director for deployment health in the office of the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs."

John C. Parmigiani, Engr '65, started his own consulting practice, John C. Parmigiani & Associates, LLC in 2004, providing regulatory compliance and information systems management services.

Dorothy F. Yankellow, SPSBE '65, announces the birth of her granddaughter, Aliza Nuret Yankellow, on December 15, 2004. Her husband, Norman N. Yankellow, died on May 23, 2004.


David Axelrod, A&S '66 (MA), has published his 15th book, Another Way: Poems derived from the Tao Te Ching.

Steven M. Brown, A&S '66, '69 (MA), '72 (PhD), is now the acoustical testing department manager at Intertek ETL SEMKO in Cortland, New York.

John E. McLaughlin, Bol '66, SAIS '66, former acting director of the CIA, is a senior fellow at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies at SAIS and a national security adviser for CNN.

Charles W. Rector, A&S '66 (PhD), who is retired, is currently "devoted to religious studies of 'The People of the Book' variety," and has accumulated nearly 5,000 books to advance these studies.

H. Russell Wright Jr., A&S '66, Med '83, president of the Baltimore County Medical Association, is married to Judy Mitchell Wright. They have two children-Alexander, who is serving in Iraq with the Marine Corps, and Morgan, who is a student at Davidson College.


F. Stuart Hodgson, Engr '67, writes: "We divide our time between our homes in Naples, Florida, and Annapolis, Maryland." He is retired and wonders how he "ever found time for work."

Steven A. Mason, A&S '67, writes: "Proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks, I was conferred a master of science degree in June by Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the field of conflict analysis and dispute resolution."

Henry K. Perrin, A&S '67, writes: "After 30 years, Peter Muller, David Fleming, and I made contact and thoroughly enjoyed old times and telling lies. We also met each other's spouses, who actually liked us and each other."

Marc A. Whaley, A&S '67, writes: "I am enjoying a second wind in a new second marriage."

Robert B. Yankowitz, A&S '67, is deputy executive director of The Bridge, Inc., a psychiatric rehabilitation agency located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Iain S. Baird, A&S '68, SAIS '72, writes: "Having retired from the Department of Commerce as the deputy assistant secretary for export administration, I now live in New Orleans, taking a whack at writing suspense novels."

Louis J. Calli Jr., A&S '68, Med '72, is president of both Bloomington Cardiologist and Giving Back Africa, Inc., a nonprofit educating youth in Congo, which he started with his wife, Ann Marie.

Donald W. Hearn, SPSBE '68 (MS), Engr '71 (PhD), was named a fellow of the Institute to Operations Research and Management Science in October 2004.

Richard W. Perry, SPSBE '68, was elected chairman of the board of directors of Augsburg Lutheran Home, a continuing care retirement community in Baltimore County.

Mark S. Perlmutter, A&S '68, moved from Camden, Maine, to Paris, Kentucky, in 2004 to embark on a new career as a hospitalist, leaving primary care internal medicine behind. His daughter, Emily Perlmutter, Nurs '05, just graduated from the School of Nursing.

Aviva Ron, SPH '68, '71 (PhD), retired from the World Health Organization in 2002 and is now working as a consultant on social health insurance, based in Netanya, Israel.

Suellen S. Rubin, A&S '68 (MA), '69 (PhD), continues to lead support groups for cancer patients in the practice of her husband, Jerome Rubin, Med '68, HS '70, and their daughter, Nancy, who, like her father, is double-boarded in hematology and clinical oncology.

Tain P. Tompkins, Bol '68, SAIS '68, A&S '70 (MA), and his wife, Grace, live in McLean, Virginia, and are putting their daughters, Ann and Heather, through college. He is a registered investment adviser, and she is program coordinator for the Center for Australia and New Zealand Studies at Georgetown University.


Betty N. Bonas, Nurs '69, is working in utilization review at United Healthcare.

Dennis A. Estis, A&S '69, has been named one of the "Best Lawyers in America" in the category of construction law.

Shirley Holden-Helberg, SPSBE '69, writes: "Border's Bookstores in York, Pennsylvania, and in Syracuse, New York, are selling my two children's picture books and my poetry book."

Dennis Massey, A&S '69, '75 (MA), was named president of Pitt Community College in Greenville, North Carolina, in August 2003.

Steven B. Oppenheimer, A&S '69 (PhD), was appointed editor for the U.S., Canada and South America of the Journal Acta Histochemica, which just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The fourth editions of his books, Cancer and Introduction to Embryonic Development, were published by Pearson Education.

Herbert L. Petri, A&S '69 (MA), '71 (PhD), published the fifth edition of his textbook, Motivation: Theory, Research and Applications with co-author John M. Govern.


Shin-Yeh Lu, Peab '70, '71 (MM), conducted two performances of the opera Hansel and Gretel at the Los Angeles Chinese Culture Center on January 29 and 30, 2005.

John G. Ullman, A&S '70, received the 2004 John G. Eberenz Enterprise Award from the Corning (New York) Area Chamber of Commerce. He is the founder of John G. Ullman and Associates, a financial management powerhouse.

Diane S. Vennema, Med '70 (MA), writes: "I am still writing and illustrating children's books, but I am now doing it from beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico."


Gene E. Bigler, SAIS '71, '80 (PhD), retired from the U.S. Foreign Service on July 31, 2005, to become professor of international relations at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. He returned from Baghdad in August 2004, where he was the counselor for public opinion and polling for the Coalition Provisional Authority. Since his return, he has served as director of external affairs in the Department of State's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

John F. Brailsford, Engr '71, '74, retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1994 and from Northrup Grumman in 2004. He plans to move to Palm Coast, Florida, this year.

Dennis G. Caralis, HS '71, Med '72 (PGF), SPH '81, HS '85, published his new book, Lead: Lower Extremity Arterial Disease, by Humana Press.

Jack Evans, A&S '71, SAIS '73, a partner at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP in Baltimore, has been honored by the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland with the 2005 Individual Pro Bono Service Award for his years of work with Sandtown Habitat for Humanity.

John A. McClung, A&S '71, is professor of clinical medicine and director of the cardiovascular fellowship training program at New York Medical College.


Brent Burgee, A&S '72, graduated from Vermont Law School in 2001. He plans a second career in medical law.

Lisa Dunkle, Med '72, is enjoying her job as head of HIV clinical research at Schering-Plough and splitting her living between homes in New Jersey (near New York City) and Connecticut.


John Dadakis, A&S '73, has recently been appointed to the board of directors of Merrill Lynch Trust Company. He is a partner and leads the New York Private Client Group for Morrison and Foerster LLP.

Irving J. Jacoby, Med '73, presented a research study at the 14th Annual World Congress of Disaster and Emergency Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland, on bed surge capacity in disasters. His paper will appear in the journal Prehospital and Disaster Medicine.

Michael Rosen, A&S '73, writes: "Our oldest daughter has graduated from medical school and will be starting her internal medicine residency at Beth Israel Hospital in New York. Our youngest daughter, Hili Sara Rosen, has finished her freshman year at Johns Hopkins."


Raymond D. Burke, A&S '74, continues practicing complex commercial litigation. His opinion and commentary appear frequently in The Baltimore Sun, and he lectures regularly on civil practice and construction law.

Shirley Dilsworth, A&S '74, is the divisional vice president of human resources at Nordstrom Inc. Corporate Center and Nordstrom Credit Division.

Janet Schwartz, A&S '74, writes: "Our twins graduated from college this May. Our son was at George Washington University, and our daughter was at Princeton. We have one more to go."

Daniel J. Wilson, A&S '74 (MA), '76 (PhD), writes: "My book, Living with Polio: The Epidemic and Its Survivors, was published by the University of Chicago Press in March 2005."


Juliet A. Bender, Bol '75, SAIS '77, is director of the Office of Pacific Basin at the U.S. Department of Commerce. She oversees international trade issues with 12 Asian countries.

Gwendolyn L. Gibson, A&S '75 (MA), is 82 years old and living in a retirement community. She is active working on committees, singing in the chorale, and volunteering. She attends the Renaissance Institute at College of Notre Dame in Baltimore.

Nelson Hendler, HS '75, has been appointed president of the American Academy of Pain Management. He is assistant professor of neurosurgery on the part-time faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Peter L. Hine, Med '75, writes: "Candi and I became grandparents for the first time in May 2004, when our daughter gave birth to Madeline, our adorable granddaughter."

Rosemary Milton Miano, SPSBE '75, is senior patent counsel at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Morris Plains, New Jersey. Her daughter, Michelle Therese Miano, is attending JHU as a writing seminars major.

Lisa W. Schwender-Scheinin, A&S '75, writes: "I rode my 1,000th roller coaster in Japan last May-a major milestone! I actually learned enough Japanese to venture on my own into small towns quite off the beaten path. In August, I hope to go to Korea to test for my third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I actually still put in the occasional appearance at the L.A. coroner's office to finance these trips."

James L. Torrens, A&S '75, served as anesthesiologist for the May 2004 medical mission to Iquitos, Peru, sponsored by the Helping Hands organization.


Vincent A. Cassandra, SPSBE '76, is in the commercial printing business. He can be reached at

Michele Longo Eder, A&S '76, has been appointed by President George W. Bush to the United States Arctic Research Commission for a four-year term. She continues to reside in Newport, Oregon, with her husband, Bob, where she practices law.

Frances L. Mackabee, SPSBE '76 (MS), is retired and involved in religious studies. She enjoys bridge and other card games, watercolor painting, and her family and friends.

James R. Metzger, SPSBE '76 (MS), retired from NASA in January 2004.

Francis G. Serio, A&S '76, is the periodontics chairman at the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. He received his BA at Millsaps College in 2005 and has performed 24 years of international dental volunteer work. He has two children, Andrew and Grace.

Darla Strause, SPSBE '76 (MA), was awarded an EdD in education policy from the University of Maryland in 2004. She was named to Maryland's Top 100 Women by the Daily Record in 2004 and directs corporate partnerships for the Maryland State Department of Education.


David A. Menken, A&S '77, became an interior firefighter and EMT with the Bedford, New York, volunteer fire department. He recommends riding on a fire truck to anyone seeking a solution to midlife doldrums.

Ira D. Papel, A&S '77, Med '86, has been elected president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Jonathan D. Rubin, A&S '77, has a clinical practice with Tenet Corporation, teaching residents and medical students. He is assistant professor in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine.


Deborah J. Bolanowski, A&S '78, writes: "I am proud to announce my son, Michael G. Flowers, is a freshman at JHU. I also am sad to tell you of my husband's death from cancer on January 8, 2003. He was David M. Flowers, A&S '76."

Jay Brandon, A&S '78 (MA), has published his 14th novel, Running With the Dead. He recently brought his oldest child, Elena, for a tour of the Homewood campus as she decides where to attend college.

Linda H. Collins, SAIS '78, is currently serving at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Phyllis J. Crossen-Richardson, A&S '78, graduated with a DMA from the University of Maryland in May 2004. She is director of the Annapolis Chamber Players, which includes recent Peabody grad Shirley Yoo, A&S '95, Peab '05 (DMA).

Nancy W. Cushman, SPSBE '78 (MEd), owns Meadow Mill Athletic Club, which serves many Johns Hopkins affiliates and employs Hopkins students.

Barry S. Gilbert, A&S '78, has spent his career in research and consulting in the technology markets. He is currently the COO of Current Analysis in Sterling, Virginia. He lives in the greater Boston area with his wife, Marcia, and their son, Josh.

Glen R. Grell, A&S '78, was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 87th Legislative District and took office in January 2005.

Maarten R. Huygen, Bol '78, is a columnist and editorial writer of the NRC Handelsblad, a Dutch national daily.

Rhona S. Lyons, A&S '78, and David Warren, A&S '78, are pleased to announce that their oldest daughter, Ariel Lyons-Warren, A&S '05, is a third-generation Hopkins graduate.

Cameron R. Smith, A&S '78, writes: "I have three big events-my daughter, Kelly, has been accepted early decision to New York University; I am starting a new career as an actuary; and I will be remarried on May 22 to Susan Rossman."

Gary Schaake Stewart, SPH '78, has been elected to the board of directors of Centra Health of Virginia. He also has been appointed chairman of Piedmont Community Health Plan of Virginia.

C. Lekha Subaiya, HS '78, '81, is assistant clinical professor of anesthesiology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and Tulane University Medical School.

Marianne Artino Taylor, A&S '78 (MA), has written a history book connected with the Chesapeake Bay, My River Speaks, The History of Lore of the Magothy River.


Robert E. DeSimone, A&S '79, and his wife, Mary Ann, have adopted three sisters from the Ukraine. He writes: "What a story! It's a cross between Charles Dickens and Tom Clancy. They are extraordinary and courageous."

Gail A. F. Morfesis, Peab '79, '80 (MM), is currently a faculty member at UNC at Pembroke. She got her DMA from the University of Kentucky in 2004.

Paul G. Power, A&S '79 (PhD), is associate director of the Hay Group, global human resources consultancy for the Asia Pacific region. He is based in his home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Tahlia Egge Thomas, A&S '79, has been promoted to project coordinator for information services at Schoolcroft College. She writes: "I am separated, very busy, and very happy."


Kelsey Harris-Smith, A&S '80, writes: "After just under four years, I'm finally leaving Moscow. My next assignment will be Embassy Dushanbe in Tajikistan."


Rebecca Nan Bailey, A&S '81 (MA), is now the arts and entertainment columnist for the Chapel Hill Herald. She continues to tutor English and publish poetry.

Marianne R. Gerardi, SPH '81, SPSBE '84 (MAS), is director of coordination of care for Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa, in northern California. She writes: "I will travel with Shirley E. Van Zandt, faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and the People to People Ambassador Program to Beijing in November 2005. My husband is Stephen M. Gerardi, SPSBE '85 (MAS).

Jose M. Lezcano, Peab '81, former student of Aaron Shearer, was accepted to perform his guitar concerto with the North-South Consonance Orchestra at St. Stephen's Church in New York.

Linda J. Miller, A&S '81, is U.S. executive editor for Nature and the Nature research journals. She is married and has two children, Ryan and Andrea.

Stephen Vaughan, A&S '81 (MA), '85 (PhD), has launched Custom Gas Solutions, designing specialty gases and a GMP production facility servicing the pharmaceutical research and development and production communities. It is a state-of-the-art, 10,000-square-foot facility located in Durham, North Carolina.

Suzanne E. Vogel-Scibilia, A&S '81, has been elected first vice president of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.


Robert C. Haskins, Peab '82 (MM), '92 (MM), is assistant professor of music at the University of New Hampshire, where he received the College of Liberal Arts Summer Research Fellowship for his book, John Cage.

Scott James Kautz, A&S '82, has been promoted to managing director of investment analytics at TIAA-CREF.

Leo Lopez, A&S '82, is the director of echocardiography at the Congenital Heart Institute at Miami Children's Hospital and Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando. He continues to be active in musical theater in the Miami area.

Mary Kelly Perschy, SPSBE '82 (MS), published the second edition of her book, Helping Teens Work Through Grief, in 2004.

Phillip M. Schutzer, A&S '82, SPH '85 (PhD), writes: "My daughter, Renana, qualified for the California State Science and Engineering fair in May. My son, Zak, won the fifth grade spelling bee at the Hebrew Academy in San Diego. My wife, Karen, and I are enjoying San Diego. We moved here from Boca Raton in 2002."


Rene L. Desmarais, A&S '83, Med '90, has been the chief of internal medicine at Peninsula Regional Medical Center since January 2004. He is the director of the Coumadin Clinics in Berlin and Salisbury, Maryland; the director of the Q.A. Committee for Peninsula Cardiology; the author of The Coumadin Cookbook; and a cardiologist with Peninsula Cardiology Association. He and his wife, Cairy Packard Desmarais, A&S '79, Med '88 (PGF), HS '89, have three daughters.

Susan Weissfeld Hammerman, A&S '83, and Jan Hammerman, A&S '78, SAIS '81, celebrated daughter Laura Rachel's bat mitzvah on June 18 in Denver. Susan writes: "Among the 160 guests in attendance were 14 Hopkins alums, representing family and some of our closest friends, including Jan's mom, Aileen Goldstein Hammerman, Peab '52; Jan's sister, Shelley Hammerman Green, SPSBE '83 (MS); cousin Meredith Levin Jacobs, SPSBE '96 (MS); Louise Jacobs Laster, A&S '83; Steven Laster, Med '86; Scott Tyson, Engr '81; Diana Liu, A&S '83; Helene Caloir, Engr '82; Tom Stoever, A&S '83, SAIS '84, and his wife, Kris Carpenter Stoever, a former SAIS affiliate; Carolyn Hariton, SPSBE '83 (MS); Doug Gneiser, A&S '83. Adrienne Grossman, A&S '82; Eve Ferdman, A&S '83; Kalashini Miller, A&S '81; Engr '84, and Kevin Miller, Engr '81, Med '85, we missed you! GO BLUE JAYS!!!'"

Peggy Turner Holden, SPSBE '83, '84 (MS), '85 (cert), has retired from Arizona State University, where she was advising coordinator for the College of Human Services. She is preparing job search materials for a program for homeless families.

Louis G. Martinelli, Engr '83, has accepted a position as manager of a worldwide collections company at Vengroff, Williams, & Associates. His division handles the GE Medical Division.

Duong Nguyen, SPH '83, is retired from the U.S. Army. He is currently working at Fort Myer in Virginia.

Alfred A. Pirro Jr., A&S '83, is managing partner of Hospital Physician Specialists and medical director of the ICU at Union Hospital of Cecil County in Elkton, Maryland.


Charles D. Fletcher, Engr '84 (PhD), was awarded the ComputerWorld gold medal for technology innovation in April 2005 as part of the ComputerWorld Heroes Program.

Joseph J. Marotta, Med '84, was elected Doctor of the Year at Samaritan Hospital in Troy, New York, by the hospital staff.

David Mees, Bol '84, SAIS '87, is cultural affairs officer at the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan.


William R. Bernstein, A&S '85, has been named pediatric residency program director at the Children's Hospital at Saint Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Paul DiMuzio, A&S '85, assistant professor of surgery and radiology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, has been named the recipient of the Lifeline Foundation's William J. von Liebig Award. This five-year research grant is in conjunction with an NIH K08 Award to provide support for DiMuzio's research in vascular tissue engineering.

Mary T. Donofrio, A&S '85, and Jay Moore, A&S '87, moved to Northern Virginia in July. She is director of fetal cardiology at Children's National Medical Center. He is a federal judge for the patent office. They have two children, William and Tess.

Kenneth A. Hirshman, Engr '85, '87 (MS), lives in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Susan, and children, Matt, Scott, and Annie.

Gayle Matthei-Meredith, A&S '85, started her own commercial real estate company, Meredith Realty Partners LLC. It is a certified woman-owned business enterprise.

Francis J. McHugh, SAIS '85, earned the rank of captain, United Airlines, flying the Airbus A320 from Washington Dulles Airport.

Douglas Richter, A&S '85, is a non-invasive cardiologist and clinical assistant professor at Cooper Heart Institute in Camden, New Jersey. He lives in Moorestown, New Jersey, with his wife, Judy, and their three daughters.


Patrick J. Capuano, A&S '86, is studying for his master's in education with the hope of becoming an elementary school principal. He is also processing a patent application.

Geraldine Kirsch Chandler, SPSBE '86 (MS), has been elected to represent District A of the California Community College Association.

Andrew Jay Goldberg, A&S '86, was proud to be inducted into the Johns Hopkins Athletic Hall of Fame in October 2004.

Henry Gordon Grossberg, A&S '86, is membership coordinator for the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association in New York. He may be reached at

Sharon Hogge, Engr '86, president of Winston, Garbee, and Hogg, was selected by Habern, O'Neal, Buckley and Lang to provide litigation support in the area of criminal law.

Jill (Salzman) Levy and Michael S. Levy, both A&S '86, welcomed their third child, Stephanie, on April 29. She joins big brothers Daniel and Benjamin.

David I. Shapiro, A&S '86, ran the Boston Marathon in 2005.

Robert S. Shapiro, Med '86, HS '86, is a recent past president of the State Dermatology Society.

Chuong S. Tran, SAIS '86, writes: "After spending six years as managing director of James Riedel Associates, Inc. in Vietnam, where Professor Riedel and I worked on private sector development policies and provided management consulting servicesto multinational corporations, I returned to Southern California last year to rejoin my family real estate business. Looking forward to hearing from and meeting classmates and JHU alumni in the area. I can be reached at"

Jeffrey Lee Weidley, SPSBE '86 (MA), is general manager of PacLease of Baltimore.


Seth J. Goodman, Engr '87, is married and the father of four boys. He is living in Burtonsville, Maryland, and works as a senior systems engineer in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Mary E. Goulet, A&S '87, continues to be a patent attorney of counsel with Whitham Curtis in Reston, Virginia. She can be reached at

Michelle Boymann Kravitz, A&S '87, writes: "My husband, Brian, and I are both civilians now, having left the Army last summer. I have joined a private practice pediatric group in Germantown, Maryland."

Barri Standish Sanders, SPSBE '87 (MS), has initiated a peace studies certificate at the University of New Mexico-Taos Branch.


Ronald Appleby, A&S '88, has received the New Jersey State Bar Foundation's Outstanding Volunteer Service Award for providing a law apprenticeship during a 10-week after-school program with the McKinley Community School in New Brunswick.

Vivynne Martindale Agrios, A&S '88, has taken over the management of the medical practice of her husband, Anthony Agrios, A&S '88. She writes: "We are currently growing into a bigger practice with a nurse midwife joining the practice. We will move into our new and newly remodeled office space at the end of this year."

Karl-Olof Andersson, Bol '88, SAIS '90, is a fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University.

P. Sean Bramble, A&S '88, has published his first book, Culture Shock! Japan (Graphic Arts). He is still living happily in Dazaifu, Japan.

Bruce H. Chamberlain, Med '88, was made a fellow in the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Dennis J. Cole, SAIS '88, is working as a policy analyst in the Privy Council Office in Ottawa. He has responsibility for health and security portfolio regulations and orders in Council.

Christopher J. Dalton, A&S '88, has been elected shareholder, practicing with the litigation group, in the Newark office of Klett Rooney Lieber & Schorling.

Richard D. Joffee, Engr '88 (MS), retired from federal government service at the end of October 2004, and he is now employed by the Dragon Development Corporation as a Java programmer.

Katherine S. Shaver, Nurs '88, is running the human patient simulator lab for the allied health division at Mt. Hood Community College. In addition to her regular teaching assignment, she is helping other faculty and community members integrate simulation in their curriculum.


Marc A. Goldstein, A&S '89, and his wife, Anne, announce the birth of their son, Leo, in August 2004. He is working for Becman Coulter, Inc. leading a team of project managers in doing automation of drug discovery and genomics.

Lisa A. Holley, Nurs '89, is a nurse anesthetist. She has three children: Jessica, Hunter, and Michael.

K. Quentin Massenburg, A&S '89, has recently returned to work as an assistant in the self-contained autistic classroom at Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary.


Terry (Vetters) Bichell, A&S '90, married David Bichell in 1984, and they have five children, including 23-year-old Beth Hochman, with whom they became reacquainted in Paris in 2001. This summer, the family moved from La Jolla to Chicago, where Dave directs congenital heart surgery and Terry Jo conducts Angelman studies at the University of Chicago.

Janice Fisher Dickerson, A&S '90, and her husband, Keither, welcomed their first daughter, Nicole, in July 2004.

Ellington Graves, A&S '90, received his PhD in sociology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2004. He is assistant professor at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, and has been appointed associate director of the Race and Social Policy Research Center.

Carolyn Pape Keenen, SPSBE '90 (MA), is working as an assistant principal in Edgewater, Maryland. She is an NCATE evaluator for MSDE teacher education programs.


Stephen W. Bretz, A&S '91, married Heidi Skupien in Lake Tahoe this summer.

Dyanna L. Domilici, A&S '91, '92 (MA), married Nunzio Domilici in 2001, moved to Boston, and completed her psychiatry residency in June. She has accepted a teaching position with Harvard Medical School as an attending in-patient psychiatrist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Genevieve M. Eichman, Peab '91, writes: "My husband, Philip Alman, and I have been blessed with two lovely sons, Peter James, born August 31, 2003, and Henry Philip, born November 11, 2004."

Suzanne Robers, A&S '91, recently moved back to Tampa to join a private practice ob/gyn group. She writes: "I bought a new house and would love to have visitors if you're in the West Central Florida area."

Pamela H. Smith, A&S '91 (PhD), the Edwin F. and Margaret Hahn Professor in the Social Sciences at Pomona College in Claremont, California, has been promoted to professor of history there.

Jennifer J. Sosnowski, A&S '91, and her husband, Larry, went to Australia in May 2005 for a belated honeymoon. Larry will be in Washington, D.C., to work in the Pentagon for six months, while Jenn remains in Sun City, West Arizona, to continue her practice and management in urgent care.

Eddie Tuvin, SPSBE '91 (MS), '00 (MBA), is a business development officer for the direct lending programs of Community South Small Business Lending Group, as well as co-manager of sales for CSB's national wholesale loan securitization program to other lenders.

Lisa Rehwoldt Wasyluszko, Peab '91 (MM), '96 (DMA), played in the chamber music series "Sundays at Central" and "Chamber Music by Candlelight" this spring in Towson and Baltimore, respectively. In May, she performed the Ravel Piano Concerto (G Major) with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra in the San Francisco Bay area as winner of its concerto competition.

Paul J. Zdunek, Peab '91, is currently president and CEO of the Modesto Symphony Orchestra Association. He writes: "In the first year I've been here, we have been able to make a $250,000 positive turnaround in operating budget, incorporate a youth orchestra into the MSOA, and successfully negotiate a contract to manage the newly owned historic State Theatre of Modesto."


John Grossenbacher, SAIS '92, became the president of Battelle Energy Alliance and the director of the Idaho National Laboratory on November 9, 2004. The U.S. Department of Energy awarded the alliance a 10-year contract for the Next Generation World Class Nuclear Lab.

William J. Kephart, A&S '92, and his wife, Nancy, are doing well. He writes: "We still live in Garden City, New York, with our son, Billy, and our daughter, Caterina. I have my own law office, also in Garden City, specializing in criminal defense. Overall, things are great, and I still see many JHU alumni in New York."

Melinda Jean Fan Lerwill, A&S '92, and her husband, Gareth, announce the birth of their son on November 17, 2004.

Christine Bickel Plumer, A&S '92, is departmental chair for art at Notre Dame Prep School in Baltimore. She writes: "I started the MLA program at Hopkins last year, and I love it. My husband, Andrew Plumer, SPSBE '99 (MLA), is now working at the National Library of Medicine."

Scott W. Rairigh, SPSBE '92 (MA), was appointed vice president of U.S. business for Virco Lab, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson operating company.

Janelle K. Thomas, Engr '92, writes: "2004 was a very busy year for our family. We completed a kitchen/dining room renovation in our home in Reno, Nevada, just as our new boy/girl twins, Graham and Shawnie, were born on May 6, 2004. They join big brother Colby. I am a civil engineer with the city of Sparks, Nevada."

Sharon Weinberger, A&S '92, has been named editor-in-chief of Aviation Week Group's new magazine, Defense Technology International.


Glenn Anstead, SPSBE '93 (MAS), has been named to the national professional services team of Altara as senior project manager.

Kerri Hren Bertolini, A&S '93, writes: "Joe Bertolini, A&S '93, and I have just moved back to Long Island with Joey (4) and Juliana (2), after 12 years in the Atlanta area. I have continued to work for Siemens Med, while Joe has started working for North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System. We're happy to be back home!"

Pedro E. Carrillo, SAIS '93, is teaching full time for the Institute of International Business of the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. He was appointed by the dean to serve in the study-abroad advisory committee.

Michael S. Yang, A&S '93, has been elected vice president of Maryland Lawyers for the Arts board of directors. He is an attorney with the Baltimore-based law firm of Gorman and a member of the adjunct faculty at the University of Baltimore School of Law. His practice concentrates in the area of intellectual property.

Christi Zohlen, Nurs '93, writes: "After over a decade in the Navy and nursing, I will be leaving both in May and returning to school for my doctor of physical therapy degree. My long-term goal is to specialize in sports medicine."


Nancy L. Ashburn, SPH '94, is currently a Bravewell Fellow in integrative medicine. The program is jointly administered through the University of Arizona and the University of Maryland.

Rebecca (Gordon) Kittrell, A&S'94, and her husband, Gary, live in Long Beach, New York, with their two children, Olivia Florence, born on January 30, 2004, and Elijah Israel, born on June 7, 2005.

Geoffrey A. Kohart II, A&S '94, moved from New York to Boca Raton. He started up a foreign currency trading corporation and a real estate investment company. He writes: "After losing my brother on 9/11, my life is finally back on track and running smoothly."

Rose M. Lew, SPH '94, writes: "After 25 years working in various health and environmental positions, I retired temporarily to stay home with our twins and my 90-year-old mother."

Richard A. Maas, SPSBE '94 (MS), and his wife, Debbie, recently adopted a baby boy from Russia. He writes: "Henry is doing very well adapting-mother and father, questionable. We will soon be going back to get him a little sister. Evansville is the closest thing to heaven this side of Baltimore."


Brendan M. O'Connor, A&S '95, writes: "I was very proud to watch last year's lacrosse team win the National Championship. Sincerest congratulations to all the players, and especially to Coach Dave Pietramala."

Terrence "Terry" Riordan, A&S '95, captain of the 1994-95 men's lacrosse team, married Sarah Hammond Price on June 12.

Todd M. Spitler, A&S '95 (MA), is director of Local Government Affairs KB Home in Los Angeles. He is also public affairs officer for the U.S. Navy Reserves.

Neena F. Thomas-Gosain, A&S '95, SPH '97, and her husband, Ankush Gosain, A&S '96, announce the birth of their son, Raj Alexander Gosain, born April 13, 2004.


Joshua A. Baumfeld, A&S '96, has finished his five-year orthopaedic surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic. He and his wife, Lynn Schow, A&S '92, are moving to Charlottesville, Virginia, for a one-year sports medicine fellowship. They have a daughter, Lillian, born on September 21, 2004, and a son, Teddy, born on June 25, 2002. Lynn recently left Sullivan and Cromwell and continues to work from home as a tax lawyer for Linn Thurber Arnold & Skrabanck of Houston.

Carolyn J. Cimmet, A&S '96, writes: "I just moved back to the D.C. area last summer after getting my MBA at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. I am busy planning my wedding with lots of help from my Hopkins friends. In my 'spare time,' I'm working at America Online and trying to win the lottery and retire young."

William E. Colligan, A&S '96 (MA), returned from the Iraq War, where he earned a Bronze Star. He graduated from the Joint Forces Staff College and is now on the joint staff in the J2.

Jason Gursky and Carine Paige Gursky, both SAIS '96, are living and working in San Francisco for JP Morgan and Wells Fargo, respectively. Their daughter, Annika Rose, was born in December 2003.

Miriam Hoffman, A&S '96, writes: "My husband, Steven Kleiner, and I are doing great. We welcomed our daughter, Shoshana Rachel, on September 19, 2004."

Joan Thayer, Nurs '96, writes: "Rick and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in May. My oldest son, Sean, started college at Cal Poly. Ryan will complete 11th grade, and I am currently employed by Kaiser Permanente doing clinical education and emergency team evaluations for a number of their centers in Montgomery County, Maryland. I still work in area emergency departments, on-call."


Jonathan L. Hansen, Engr '97, married Erin Wagner, a graduate student at the School of Public Health, on January 8. In attendance were Matthew Hansen, Engr '01; Abigail (Patner) Glassenberg, A&S '97; Peter Schauer, Engr '97, '98 (MS); Robert Susil, Engr '97, Med '05 (MD/PhD) and Gwyneth Susil, Med '05; Kelly Vikstrom, Engr '99; and Nabeel Azar, Engr '97.

W. C. Harris, A&S '97 (MA), '00 (PhD), has published E Pluribus Unum: Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the Constitutional Paradox (University of Iowa Press, 2005).

Susan B. Leavitt, SAIS '97, is selling real estate to many SAIS and JHU alums in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. She writes: "Check out I would love to hear from you."

Samantha L. Marks, A&S '97, behavior analyst, is celebrating her company's fourth successful year. ABA de Puerto Rico is a clinic that offers applied behavior analysis, behavior therapy, speech therapy, trainings, seminars, and other services to the autism community. She also writes a weekly column for the newspaper The San Juan Star.

Michael L. Makfinsky, SPSBE '97 (MS), '02 (MBA), is working with STG Inc., of Reston, Virginia, as senior director for special programs, supporting the intelligence community. He can be reached at

Robert Patel, A&S '97, married his college sweetheart, 1999 Goucher College alum Stephanie Chang Sun, on July 2 in La Jolla, California. Other alumni in attendance included usher Peter Tillinghast, Derek Fahnestock, Neil Sander, Adam Wos (all A&S '97), and Alice Chan, A&S '96. Rob has completed his residency in emergency medicine at UCSD and will be working in private practice in Orange County. He writes: "I'd love to hear from old friends. Please e-mail"

Wei-Li F.X. Tjong, A&S '97, is reintroducing himself to his former love-acting and writing. He left his job as vice president and counsel at Sanford C. Bernstein and Alliance Capital, and writes: "Being a solo practitioner will hopefully allow me to avoid waiting tables in New York, but let's just say that lately I'm very open to new opportunities. Would love to hear from old friends."

Carol Whitman, SPH '97, is working for Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, on their Web site,

Matthew R. Zaft, A&S '97, and his wife, Erin Chlopak, A&S '00, have bought a house on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. She is an associate at Sullivan and Cromwell in D.C., and he is a vice president of investments at Wachovia Securities. He is also serving as president of the Baltimore Phi Kappa Psi Alumni Association.


Jennifer M. Barker, Med '98, writes: "My husband, Christopher, and I have a daughter, Flora Soper Batis, born December 17, 2003, who keeps us busy and laughing."

Jonathan W. Bress, A&S '98, writes: "My wife, Rachel, and I are moving to Haverford, Pennsylvania, this summer, where I will begin a nephrology fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania."

John Christ Jr., Nurs '98, obtained his MS from Georgetown in December 2004, in the nurse anesthesia program.

John Kang, A&S '98, is currently residing in Seoul, managing a 1,200-student language school. Earlier this year, he helped found the California Christian International School of Bangkok, Thailand, of which he is still vice president. He can be contacted at

Keren Levy, A&S '98, and Gregory Weiss, A&S '98, were married on July 4, 2004, in Chicago. Hopkins alumni in attendance included Nate Dominy, A&S '98; Jon Friedman, A&S '99; Kathryn Schad, A&S '97; and Mirna Mohanraj, A&S '98. Levy writes: "We both attended law school in Washington, D.C., and currently live in Chicago, where I am a corporate attorney at GoodSmith Gregg and Unruh, and Greg is president of a branding and marketing company."

William C. Lukens, A&S '98, is brokering cruising yachts, both sail and power, at Annapolis sail yard. He continues to teach wrestling at Annapolis High School.

Matthew Louis Ortman, A&S '98, is in his second year of his internal medicine residency at the University of Pennsylvania and is applying for a cardiology fellowship for 2006.

Jaime K. Pickett, A&S '98, is owner of Banfield, the Pet Hospital, in Richmond, where she continues to practice veterinary medicine. She and her husband moved there from Florida in October 2004.


Christopher I. Adriano, SPSBE '99 (MS), '01 (MBA), was promoted to manager of market risk management of the energy and power marketing and trading unit of FPL Group, a Fortune 500 company.

Don W. Harvey, SPH '99, is senior occupational safety and health adviser to the administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Sherrance Henderson, SPSBE '99, has written her first novel, Sunshine Has Rain, available at

Johanna (Jody) Seasonwein, A&S '99, married Davis Ozdogan on June 19, in Washington, D.C. Hopkins alumni in attendance included Melissa Sydney, Sarah (Thomas) and Subir Sahu, and Andrea Yaffe, all class of 2001. The couple returned to their home in New Jersey after a two-week honeymoon in Turkey and Israel. Jody is a fourth-year PhD student and teaching fellow in the department of art history at Columbia University.

Mark C. Zaros, A&S '99, recently graduated from the University of Miami Medical School. He is doing his residency in internal medicine/pediatrics at the University of Michigan.


Liya Beyderman, A&S '00, has graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and plans to stay at Vanderbilt for a neurology residency. Her husband, Emmanuel Botzolakis, A&S '00, is an MD/PhD student at Vanderbilt.

Cameron M. Birge, A&S '00, has left the Army and is spending the summer in Seattle. This fall, he heads to England for his master's degree in logistics.

Roxane Born, SAIS '00, is product manager/marketing with Bayer in Mexico, where she started an international trainee program in February 2002. Her father, Wolf R. Born, Bol '73, is now the German ambassador in Ankara, Turkey.

Joseph E. Bunnell, SPH '00 (PhD), writes: "Anne and I had our first baby. Our beautiful son, Aidan, was born on May 6 in Fairfax, Virginia."

Mher Hartoonian, Engr '00, works as an attorney for Cohen Pontani Lieberman & Pavane in New York City. I practice intellectual property law, with a focus on pharmaceutical patent litigation.

Rachel J. Herr, SAIS '00, SPH '00, married Guillermo Cintron on November 4, 2004, on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. They live in Alexandria, Virginia. Her e-mail address is

Kimberly Kodenski, Nurs '00, works at Johns Hopkins Care Center at Bayview on a long-term care floor. She writes: "In my spare time, I dance. I also enjoy swimming, bikeriding, and walking."

Tara S. Nussbaum, A&S '00, SPSBE '04 (certificate), writes: "Alan Greene, A&S '01, and I are coming up on our one-year wedding anniversary. Alan just completed his master's in anthropological archaeology at the University of Chicago and will take his PhD qualifying exams in the winter. I am an associate in the debt finance group at MMA Financial, and I am pursuing an MBA at the University of Chicago part-time."

Misako Sakamaki, A&S '00, enjoyed her last year of medical school at SUNY Stony Brook and looks forward to continuing her career in anesthesiology. She keeps in touch with Stefanie Pastella, A&S '00; Kim Nguyen Tyler, A&S '00;, Steve Chang, A&S '00; and Cathy Lee, A&S '00.

Erica G. Urquhart, Med '00 (PhD), and her husband, Marc, announce the birth of their son, Amari Emmanuel Urquhart, on December 13, 2004. He weighed 11 pounds, 6 ounces.

Anjel M. Vahratian, SPH '00, recently earned her PhD from the University of North Carolina. She now works in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Michigan.


Ole E. D. Andreassen, SAIS '01, married Anne Elizabeth Dutcher, Bol '99, SAIS '00, on April 10, 2004.

Pamela Barkett, SPSBE'01 (MS), is director of human resources at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Vincent Brotski, SPSBE '01 (MBA), left his position as corporate counsel at in Dulles, Virginia, and is now employed by Smiths Aerospace LLC as compliance counsel in Germantown, Maryland. He also volunteers as president and treasurer of the Milestone Townhouse Association.

Nathaniel Butler, SPSBE '01, '03 (MA), was recognized as a Modern-Day Technology leader during the 19th Annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference in Baltimore in February.

Steven S. Chang, A&S '01, has started a residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.

Isabella M. Cooper, Nurs '01, is currently enrolled in the Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia.

Marirose Coulson, SPSBE '01 (MS), is an associate with Booz Allen Hamilton. She presented strategic training plans at the Federal Information Systems Security Educator's Association in Rockville, Maryland.

Michael Cox, Nurs '01, married Amy Cochlin on November 6, 2004. They met while working at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Frederik J. Easterly, Engr '01 (MS), is currently a U.S. Marine with two combat tours in Iraq.

Alonzo F. Joy Jr., SPSBE '01, '02 (MS), retired from the Prince George's County police department in July 2003.

Regina F. Kern, SPSBE '01 (MA), is serving as a 2004 member of the board of examiners for the U.S. Senate Productivity and Maryland Quality Awards.

Beth G. Oliva, A&S '01, graduated from Tulane Law School in May 2004, and has been admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey.

Jason S. Portnoy, A&S '01, has received his JD from Temple University School of Law and has been admitted to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is an associate at Blair H. Granger & Associates in Paoli, Pennsylvania, where his practice concentrates in residential real estate.

Zenia Yang, SPSBE '01 (MS), started a new school, Yang Academy, a private day school in suburban Maryland. It provides unique opportunities for students in mathematics and science with individual and small group classes.


Darryl Gomez, Engr '02 (MS), has been promoted to fellow systems engineer at Northrop Grumman. He recently began doctoral studies and research in the field of systems engineering at George Washington University.

Brant B. Goode, SPH '02, is working as an epidemic intelligence services officer for the state of North Carolina.

Sarah E. DiGioia, SPSBE '02 (MS), recently took a position as autism resource specialist for Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia.

Jamie L. Larrimore, A&S '02, is a candidate for a doctorate of pharmacy at the University of Maryland, expecting to graduate in 2008.

Christopher Burns Leopold, A&S '02, is a law student at Northwestern Law School in Chicago.

Stephanie Leventis, Nurs '02, is working in Annapolis at the AAMC operating room. She is a team leader for neurosurgery and orthopedic-spine.

Scott A. Levin, Nanj '02, is attending the University of Oregon School of Law.

Meredith Make, A&S '02, married her high school sweetheart, David Patterson, on July 23, 2005 in Red Bank, New Jersey. The couple honeymooned in Hawaii and recently purchased a home on the Jersey Shore.

Pamela S. Lewis, A&S '02, has been selected to take part in the California Agricultural Leadership Program, a two-year fellowship consisting of a series of seminars held at four participating California universities.

Camille Lineberry, Nurs '02, was recently married and now lives in New York. She is a staff nurse on the medical intensive care unit at New York Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Alicia M. Novak, A&S '02, and Arash Mostaghimi, Engr '02, were married on May 29 in New Jersey.

William R. Otten, SPSBE '02 (MBA), is divisional sales manager for Automatic Data Processing, Inc. in Southern California, based out of San Diego.

Maurita A. Soltis, SPSBE '02 (MA), married Tim Schmitt in October 2004. They reside in Washington, D.C.

James A. Wagner, SPSBE '02 (MS), recently left his consulting position to rejoin government service. He is now operations research analyst at Defense Supply Center in Columbus.


Demetra Bastas, Nurs '03, is a cardiac surgery nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is enrolled in the FNP program with a pediatric focus.

Kurt Erler, Engr '03, is working for BrainLAB, Inc., as a specialist for radiosurgery/neurosurgery instrumentation. This year, he received the company award for radiotherapy competency for exhibiting "unrelenting focus on customer needs with passion, commitment, and creativity in order to develop and enhance innovative clinical solutions for the benefit of patients worldwide."

Maryam H. Khan, Engr '03, served as a civilian civil engineering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan from May to October 2004.

Anita M. Loughlin, SPH '03 (PhD), is assistant professor at the Boston University School of Medicine and School of Public Health.

Michael J. Taylor, Engr '03, writes: "I am attending graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. I am in a five-year program for a PhD in mechanical engineering."

John P. Young, Peab '03 (MM), has recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he plans to pursue a career in composition and sound design, as well as perform in the local electronic music scene.


Charles R. Baffi, SPH '04, and Mollie Howerton, SPH '00, announce the birth of their daughter, Margaret Douglass Baffi, on December 3, 2004.

Monica I. Knapp, Nurs '04, got married on August 7, 2004. She is currently enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania FNP program.

Aimee Maxted, Nurs '04, spent one year in the new graduate program at the University of Colorado Hospital, in the medical intensive care unit. She is returning to Johns Hopkins to start her MSN as a family nurse practitioner at the School of Nursing. "I'm looking forward to being back," she writes.

Thomas J. McNichols, Peab '04 (MM), is in his second year with CANTUS, an internationally recognized male vocal ensemble.

Dawn Miner-Wolfe, SAIS '04, married Matthew Wolfe, on May 29, 2004. They live in Boston.

Sammantha E. Neuer, SPSBE '04 (MA), has accepted a position with Deloitte Tax LLP in the tax management advisory services group.

Randall S. Wood, Bol '04, SAIS '05, has published the second edition of his best-selling travel guide to Nicaragua, Moon Handbooks: Nicaragua.

In Memoriam

1925: Murray Slatkin, A&S '25, who owned a wholesale painting products supply company and was active in Zionist organizations, died in July. He was 100. He is survived by two children, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

1926: Abraham Kremen, A&S '26, a retired ophthalmologist and former Maryland General Hospital department chairman, died in July. He was 100. He is survived by two children, three grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and two siblings.

1928: Lester Laudy Coleman, A&S '28, attending surgeon in otolaryngology at Manhattan Eye and Ear and New York hospitals and clinical professor at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, died on November 11, 2004. Coleman wrote a nationally syndicated health column, created and produced a television series, authored several books, and trained countless students during his 70-year career. He is survived by a wife, two daughters, and a granddaughter.

1938: Charles Albert Earp, SPSBE '38, A&S '40 (MA), whose career was in human resources in the aerospace and health care fields, died on June 16. His last position was manager of compensation and benefits at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore. He is survived by a large family.

1938: Milton H.F. Saul, A&S '38, an attorney who served as an assistant city solicitor, a police magistrate, and a state licensing official, died on July 18. He is survived by a son and three grandchildren.

1940: Benson B. Boss, Engr '40, who worked for the consulting engineering firm of Gibbs and Hill Inc. in New York City until his retirement in 1983, died on June 14. He is survived by his nieces and nephews.

1951: Frederic D. Ogden, A&S '51 (PhD), the founder of Eastern Kentucky University's political science department, died on July 3. He is survived by his wife, two children, five grandchildren, a great-grandchild, and other family members.

1952: Hugh M. Hill, Med '52, HS '77, longtime associate dean for student and alumni affairs in the University of Florida College of Medicine and professor emeritus in the department of obstetrics and gynecology, died in July. He is survived by a spouse and daughter.

1954: John E. Johnston Jr., A&S '54, whose fondness for entertaining visitors with his collection of parrots and cockatiels earned him the nickname "The Birdman of Guilford," died in July. A mathematician and an entrepreneur, he was president of Forecast Research Systems Inc. and owner of Membership Management Inc. He is survived by his fiancŽe, two sons, five daughters and 10 grandchildren.

1963: Michael P. McCarthy, A&S '63 (MAT), a historian who studied urban issues, died in July. He retired as a member of the University of Baltimore faculty two years ago. He is survived by a spouse, two children, four grandchildren, and three siblings.

1969: Donald M. Barry, A&S '69 (MA), died in January. An ordained priest, he was a history teacher at Fairfield Prep School in Connecticut and a devoted member of the Knights of Columbus.

1969: Gwendolyn G. Lamont, A&S '69 (MLA), a retired educator who had taught in Baltimore public schools at several area colleges, died in July. She is survived by two children and three grandchildren.

1973: John David Glen Rademacher, Engr '73, died June 18, 2005 at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, following an extended illness. He was employed as a software engineer with Westinghouse Electric. He is survived by his wife, two children, two grandchildren, and one great-grandson.

1981: Paul B. Wolfe, A&S '81 (PhD), a microbiologist and program director at the National Institutes of Health, died in July. After running a medical research laboratory in downtown Baltimore, he joined the NIH in Bethesda and was program director of grants at his death. He is survived by his wife, four children; and three siblings.


The following alumni were either omitted from or included incorrectly in the list of Alumni Association lifetime dues payers that appeared in the September issue:

Winborne Leigh Hamlin, A&S '59 (MAT)
Gordon M. Holland, Engr '43
Howard Mandel, A&S '77
We regret the error.

Heritage Awards
Recognizing outstanding service to Johns Hopkins University.

In 1975, Estelle Fishbein became the first and only general counsel at the university. During her 28 years of service, she was a fierce advocate for Johns Hopkins and dedicated herself to protecting its integrity. She was the first female president of the National Association of College and University Attorneys and has been a NACUA fellow and Distinguished Service Award recipient. In addition, she has served on the board of TIAA-CREF. Mrs. Fishbein retired as vice president and general counsel in 2003.

Margaret Nuttle, widow of Philip E. Nuttle, A&S '29, recently created the Barksdale Dabney Nuttle Family Fund, through which she established the Patrick Henry Scholars Program that supports a postdoctoral fellow in the departments of History and Political Science in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. A loyal friend to Johns Hopkins and a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, Mrs. Nuttle seeks to encourage teaching and research of the American Revolutionary period.

Pete Petersen, interim dean of the Business Division of the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education, has served Johns Hopkins as a teacher and leader since 1979, making significant contributions to the growth of the Business Division and his legions of students. He has written extensively on the history of management and received numerous national awards. His most recent book, The Great Baltimore Fire, is the Maryland Historical Society's best-selling title.

Solomon Snyder, director of the Department of Neuroscience at the School of Medicine, has been dubbed "the godfather of synaptic chemistry." His numerous professional honors include the 2005 National Medal of Science from President Bush. Dr. Snyder's legacy to Johns Hopkins lies in his contributions to the scientific community and his role as a teacher and mentor for the next generation of physicians and scientists.

Distinguished Alumni Awards
Recognizing personal, professional, or humanitarian achievement.

Robert Resnick is widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost authorities on undergraduate physics education. An estimated 7 million students have studied from his books, including several generations of Johns Hopkins students. His recent gift to the Physics and Astronomy Department, matched by the Howard Hughes Institute, will help create undergraduate computer learning centers in the Bloomberg Physics and Astronomy building on the Homewood campus.

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