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The Journal of Real Estate Research, online


Award Year Year Published Amount Authors Title of Paper
2012 2009-2011 $25,000 Nasser Daneshvary, Terrence M. Clauretie, & Ahmad Kader Short-Term Own-Price and Spillover Effects of Distressed Residential Properties: The Case of a Housing Crash
2012 2009-2011 $10,000 Gary Pivo & Jeffrey D. Fisher Income, Value and Returns in Socially Responsible Office Properties
2012 2009-2011 $5,000 Michael LaCour-Little, Eric Rosenblatt, & Vincent W. Yao Home Equity Extraction by Homeowners: 2000-2006
2009 2007-2008 $10,000 William Wheaton & Gleb Nechayev The 1998-2005 Housing Bubble and the Current Correction: What's the Difference this Time?
2009 2007-2008 $5,000 Marsha Courchane The Pricing of Home Mortgage Loans to Minority Borrowers: How Much of the APR Differential Can We Explain?
2007 2006 $10,000 James C. Brau & Andrew Holmes Why Do REITs Repurchase Stock? Extricating the Effect of Managerial Signaing in Open Market ShareRepurchase Announcements
2007 2006 $5,000 James D. Shilling, Kerry D. Vandell, Ruslan Koesman, & Zhenguo Lin How Tax Credits Have Affected the Rehabilitation of the Boston Office Market

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