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Clustering in Real Estate Prices: Determinants and Consequences
Author: Oded Palmon, Barton A. Smith and Ben J. Sopranzetti

Start Page: 115
End Page: 136
Volume: 26
Issue Number: 02
Year: 2004
Publication: Journal of Real Estate Research

Abstract: We examine the determinants and consequences of price clustering. Real estate list and transaction prices exhibit two price-ending characteristics: even (000-ending) and just-below-even (900-ending). The use of even-ending prices is negatively related to the precision of the price estimates and the cost of rounding. However, the tendency to use just-below-even-ending prices is related to the cost of rounding and to listing agency characteristics. The transaction price and the number of days on market are associated with list price clustering and with listing agency characteristics. Most properties are listed at just-below-even-ending prices, but those listed at even-ending prices sell faster and at a higher price. Finally, better transaction outcomes are positively associated with the number of area-properties listed by the seller?s real-estate agency.

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