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Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines

Journal Objectives

The Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER) is an official publication of the American Real Estate Society (ARES). JRER is committed to publishing the highest quality analytical, empirical and clinical research that is useful to business decision-makers in the fields of real estate development, economics, finance, investment, law, management, marketing, secondary markets and valuation. Theoretical papers that fail to provide testable or policy implications are discouraged. Data used in empirical research must be thoroughly documented and sufficient details of computations and methodologies must be provided to allow duplication. Authors are encouraged to provide data (at a reasonable cost) for replication purpose should such a request arise.

The Editorial Board of JRER is interested in expanding the frontiers of scholarly real estate research and is willing to work with any potential author who is developing new and exciting ideas.


Review and Publication Policies

The Editor reads each submitted manuscript to decide if its topic and content of the paper fit the objectives of JRER. Manuscripts that are appropriate are assigned anonymously by the Editor to one member of the Editorial Board and at least one other reviewer. ARES has instituted a policy of offering a $50 honorarium for each referee report received within six weeks. The referee presents a critique to the Editor who forwards it to the author. Each critique includes a specific recommendation from the referee indicating whether or not the author should be encouraged to resubmit the manuscript for publication consideration. The Editor makes the final decision regarding re-submissions. Upon receiving a re-submission, the Editor determines whether or not the manuscript should re-enter the reviewing process, be accepted or simply be returned.

 The Editor determines the publication schedule for accepted manuscripts. As a general rule, the Editor attempts to "balance" the topics covered in any one issue. Consequently, the Editor may choose the articles to be included in a given issue from among those already accepted for publication. This general rule will be set aside should the Board of Directors decide to do so, such as in the case of a special issue devoted to a single topic.


Submission Requirements

Authors should submit a manuscript that is double-spaced and paginated. The cover page, which will be removed before the manuscript is sent to a reviewer, should contain: the title, all authors and their affiliations (mailing addresses), phone and fax numbers, and email addresses. Except for the cover page, all pages should be numbered consecutively. Submitted manuscripts should be original research, and the names appearing on the manuscript should be that of the individuals who conducted the research. The manuscript should not be under review simultaneously at another journal nor substantially resemble those that are under review at another journal. Upon acceptance, ARES automatically owns the copyright of the manuscript. The transfer of copyright will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information.

The Journal of Real Estate Research has instituted an automated submission system to more effectively process submissions. Please follow the link below to submit your manuscript. All submissions are now processed through our automated system.

Resubmitted manuscripts should be submitted via email in Word or PDF file formats to Submitted papers will be sent to reviewers via email, whenever feasible. For manuscripts submitted via email, the expected turnaround time is eight weeks. For hard copy submissions, the expected turnaround time is twelve weeks. Upon acceptance, authors will have to submit a PC-compatible disk containing the file of the manuscript, four style-correct hard copies and a signed release form. The Editor does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of submitted papers.

PDF files are not acceptable for final versions. Neither are illustrations in color.

Articles and correspondence can also be directed to:

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