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Conference Presentations

The 44th annual New Horizons in Science Briefing, sponsored by the the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing and hosted by The Johns Hopkins University, was held October 28-31, 2006, bringing together hundreds of science writers and reporters to hear from leading researchers about discoveries that will be making news soon.

You may go directly to indivdual presentations at the following links:

Andrew Feinberg, Johns Hopkins: Molecular biology and genetics, "Epigenomics"

Ted Brader, University of Michigan: Political science, "Voter Psychology"

Raman Sundrum, Johns Hopkins and Rocky Kolb, University of Chicago: "Particle Physics and Cosmology, Parts I and II"

Justin Wolfers, University of Pennsylvania: Economics, "Prediction Markets"

Remarks by Steven Knapp, Provost - Johns Hopkins University

Rolf Halden, Johns Hopkins: Environmental health, " Environmental Toxins"

Hope Jahren, Johns Hopkins: Earth science, "The Fossil Forest of the Arctic"

Harry Dietz, Johns Hopkins: Medicine, "Rebuilding Blood Vessel Walls"

Richard McCullough, Carnegie Mellon University: Chemistry, "Plastic Electronics"

Note: The presentation by Gregory Ball of Johns Hopkins on neurotransmitters is not available.

Note: The presentation ("Rituals in Ancient Egypt") by Betsy Bryan of Johns Hopkins University is not available at this time.


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