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March 18, 2009
CONTACT: Amy Lunday

Middle Schoolers Mulling Stock Options
Through I-Hunt

At a time when we could all use a refresher course in financial literacy, 220 seventh- and eighth-graders in Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Washington, D.C., are determining which health food company will be added to their investment portfolio during the next school year. The young investors are participating in Stocks in the Future, a three-year middle school program that uses financial life skills to capture students' attention, reinforces their academic fundamentals and raises school attendance for those needing motivation.

During this special 5-week mini course called the I-Hunt Contest, the students will engage in weekly classes to learn a new category for investing money, ways to compare company performances, and power to select a new company for investment. The goal of the contest will be to decide whether Whole Foods, NutriSystem, eDiets.com, Hain Celestial Group or United Natural Foods will be added to their investment options during the 2009-2010 school year.

Students will learn that investors group companies according to industries as a way of evaluating their performances. Each week, they will vote for their favorite companies, with the least popular option dropped from their studies the following week. At the end of the contest, the remaining company will join the current choices: Coca-Cola Co., NASDAQ 100, NetFlix, PetSmart, Sirius Radio, Sony, Time-Warner, and Walt-Disney.

Developed by education researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Stocks in the Future teaches strategies for earning, preserving and investing money. While academics are strengthened throughout the exercises, students earn money through regular weekly attendance and improved grades. They invest their earnings in publicly traded stocks and receive those shares at high school graduation and turning 18. Stocks in the Future is a nonprofit organization. The program's Web site is www.stocksinthefuture.org.

Schools participating in the I-Hunt Contest are Barclay Middle School, Deep Creek Middle School, Fallstaff Middle School, Francis Scott Key Middle School, and Washington Jesuit Academy in Washington, D.C. Reporters are welcome to visit a classroom to see the Stocks in the Future program in action. To set up a visit, please contact Pat Bernstein, the program's founder, at 410-337-8037 or Bernpat@hotmail.com.