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June 2, 2004
CONTACTS: Dennis O'Shea or
Glenn Small
dro@jhu.edu or glenn@jhu.edu

Questions and Answers on the Baltimore Scholars Program

Here are answers to likely questions about The Johns Hopkins University's new Baltimore Scholars Program:

What is it?

Q. What is the Baltimore Scholars Program all about?

A. The centerpiece of this new program is a four-year, full-tuition scholarship for full-time undergraduates at Johns Hopkins.

Q. Does anything else go along with the scholarship?

A. Yes. Primarily, guidance. Baltimore Scholars will benefit from working closely with a faculty and staff program committee to achieve their goals, beginning as soon as they enroll. They'll also attend special events throughout the school year. Even before matriculation, Johns Hopkins will be focusing existing efforts and implementing new ones aimed at assisting Baltimore students to prepare both for college and the Baltimore Scholars program.

How many will participate?

Q. How many Baltimore Scholars are expected each year? Is there a limit?

A. The program is not limited in its enrollment. Participation each year is dependent upon the number of eligible applicants who are admitted to the university.

Who is eligible?

Q. What are the requirements to be considered for the program?

A. Baltimore Scholars must:

  • reside in Baltimore City
  • graduate from a Baltimore City public high school
  • have been a student in a Baltimore City public school for at least the final three years of high school and have been a resident of Baltimore City, along with the custodial parent, for those same three years

  • What's the reason behind the program?

    Q. Why is Johns Hopkins undertaking this initiative?

    A. We want all of Baltimore's best students to consider studying at Johns Hopkins, a world-class university in their own backyard. We also want Baltimore families who are choosing a high school for their students to know that Johns Hopkins supports our city's public schools as a great way to prepare for college.

    What about selection and criteria?

    Q. How do I apply?

    A. Simply apply for undergraduate admission to the Johns Hopkins school you'd like to attend: the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the Whiting School of Engineering, the Peabody Conservatory (or, in the special circumstances outlined below, the School of Nursing or the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education). Specific instructions will be available through each school's admissions office shortly. No separate application is needed for the Baltimore Scholars Program. You re automatically considered if you meet the three eligibility requirements listed above.

    No application for financial aid is required, unless you are seeking consideration for financial assistance to cover living expenses (room and board).

    In general, Johns Hopkins seeks students who are well- prepared for college, are deeply interested in learning, and who contribute to their schools and communities. These will be the same qualities we seek in Baltimore Scholars.

    Q. When would I be notified about my scholarship status?

    A. Along with your acceptance to Johns Hopkins, by April 1 of your senior year in high school.

    Other questions of interest:

    Q. What if I can t afford the cost of room and board? Is financial aid available beyond the cost of just tuition?

    A. Yes, additional financial aid is available for full-time students. Students requiring additional assistance will need to follow the normal financial aid application process. We ll meet demonstrated need for room and board, and other expenses such as books, supplies and a personal allowance.

    Q. What happens if I win an additional scholarship from an outside source? Would it be added to my Baltimore Scholar award?

    A. Yes, other scholarship awards can be combined with the Baltimore Scholars award, but only up to the level of cost of attendance at Johns Hopkins (including room and board and expenses). After the total cost of attendance is met, funds from your Baltimore Scholar award would be reduced to bring scholarships in line with actual cost.

    Q. I have a parent who works at the university. Would I receive the full Baltimore Scholars Program grant in addition to the tuition grant benefit my parent receives?

    A. No. As above, we will adjust Baltimore Scholars awards to ensure that total scholarship assistance (from all sources) is not greater than the cost of attending Johns Hopkins.

    Q. I am a Baltimore City resident with financial need, but I attend a private secondary school on financial aid. Am I eligible for the Baltimore Scholars Program?

    A. No. The program focuses on public schools. Students with need who are in private schools are eligible to have that need met through our financial aid process.

    Q. I graduated from a Baltimore City public school a couple of years ago, but went to work because I couldn't afford a college. Am I eligible for the Baltimore Scholars Program?

    A. No. The Baltimore Scholars Program for full-time students begins with students graduating from high school in 2005.

    Q. I graduated from a Baltimore City public school a couple of years ago, and have attended community college. If I transfer to Johns Hopkins, am I eligible for the Baltimore Scholars Program?

    A. Under certain circumstances. Up to three Baltimore Scholars annually will be selected from applicants for the part-time undergraduate programs in business or information systems at Johns Hopkins School of Professional Studies in Business and Education. Baltimore Scholars in SPSBE will typically begin study at Johns Hopkins after completing the equivalent of 60 undergraduate credits elsewhere, often by earning an associate's degree at a community college.

    Q. I graduated from a Baltimore City public school a couple of years ago, and have attended another four-year college. If I transfer to Johns Hopkins, am I eligible for the Baltimore Scholars Program?

    A. No. The program's focus is on students applying from high school for places in the Johns Hopkins freshman class (with the noted exceptions above and below.)

    Q. I'm interested in Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, but it's only for juniors and seniors. Can I still be a Baltimore Scholar there?

    A. Yes. Baltimore Scholars who are accepted for transfer admission to the School of Nursing after their sophomore year at another Johns Hopkins school may do so and transfer their scholarships as well.

    Q. Are there any limits on what Baltimore Scholars can do as Johns Hopkins students? Would I be able to live in the residence halls, study abroad, take courses in all the various Johns Hopkins schools, change my major, take part in extracurricular activities, get a campus job, and do whatever other students do?

    A. Absolutely. Baltimore Scholars will enjoy the full Johns Hopkins experience.

    Q. What happens if my family moves out of Baltimore City while I am a Baltimore Scholar?

    A. If your family moves out of Baltimore City after you have enrolled at a Johns Hopkins school, your status as a Baltimore Scholar will not change.

    Go to Johns Hopkins Launches Baltimore Scholars Program
    Go to The Johns Hopkins Institutions and Baltimore City Schools Fact Sheet
    Go to Baltimore Scholars Program Brochure [pdf format]

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