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Apply online here.

We offer two undergraduate-credit-granting programs: Discover Hopkins and Summer University. Click here
to see which one is right for you.

I'm an Undergraduate

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Fulfill requirements; learn a new subject, free up time in the fall to do an internship. This summer, whatever you wish to accomplish we'll get you there.

Visiting Undergraduates:
-Open enrollment for students who are in good academic standing. Please fill out our online form here.

Celebrating 25 years of Pre-College Summer from 1987 to 2012

Celebrate. Join. Explore. Connect with our pre-college online alumni community.

News and Announcements




Term I:
May 26 - June 26
Term II: June 29 - July 31
Online Math: June 15 - July 31
Online Psychology: May 26 - July 31

New Intensive Mini-Terms Available! (2 weeks)
Mini-Term I (section 71): June 22 - July 2
Mini-Term II (section 72): July 6 - 17
Mini-Term III (section 73): July 20 - July 31


Summer University Residential:

June 28 - August 1

New Summer University Mini-Terms:
Mini-Term I: June 21 - July 3
Mini-Term II: July 5 - 18
Mini-Term III: July 19 - August 1

Discover Hopkins I:
June 21 - July 3

Discover Hopkins II:
July 5 - 18

Discover Hopkins III:
July 19 - August 1

No classes held on the July 3rd Holiday

*Montgomery County Campus at the Shady Grove Life Sciences Center 2014 courses:

(2015 Courses TBA)

Introductory Arabic I - course runs June 9 - July 3
Introductory Arabic II - course runs July 7 - Aug. 1

Biology and Public Health
Courses that run July 14 - July 25:
Bioinformatics, Microbes and You
Concepts in Cancer and Cancer Prevention

Courses that run June 30 - July 11:
Cancer Biology
Health and Society: The Fundamentals of Public Health

Introduction to Lab Research - course runs June 16- 27



2015 Undergraduate Course Listings
Online Registration for Hopkins Students
Apply Now (Visiting Undergraduates and Pre-College)

Financial Aid Office
Housing Office
Learning Den

Hopkins Undergraduates:
-Register online at beginning on April 7, 2015.

Transcript Request
Visiting Undergraduates and Pre-College students who need an official transcript should make their request with the Office of the Registrar. Click here for more information.


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Summer &
Intersession Programs

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