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Hopkins Students

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Apply online here.

We offer two undergraduate-credit-granting programs: Discover Hopkins and Summer University. Click here
to see which one is right for you.

I'm an Undergraduate

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Fulfill requirements; learn a new subject, free up time in the fall to do an internship. This summer, whatever you wish to accomplish we'll get you there.

Visiting Undergraduates:
-Open enrollment for students who are in good academic standing. Please fill out our online form here.

Celebrating 25 years of Pre-College Summer from 1987 to 2012

Celebrate. Join. Explore. Connect with our pre-college online alumni community.

News and Announcements


Summer University Residential:

July 2 - August 5

Summer University Mini-Terms:
Mini-Term I: June 25 - July 8
Mini-Term II: July 9 - July 22(Commuter Spaces Only)
Mini-Term III: July 23 - August 5

Discover Hopkins:
Session I: June 25 - July 8
Session II: July 9 - July 22 (Commuter Spaces Only)
Session III: July 23 - August 5

(New!) EducationUSA Academy:
July 2 - July 22
visit EducationUSA site


The Pre-College Residential Program concludes at noon on August 5, 2017. It is not possible for anyone to stay beyond noon on Saturday, August 5, 2017 as the university's dormitories will close and the residential staff leave that day. Student who are underage are not able to check in to area hotels, so please be sure that you make flight arrangements to leave Baltimore on or before August 5, 2017 to return home.

No classes held on July 4 in observance of the
4th of July Independence Day Holiday.

*Now offering courses at the Montgomery County Campus in Rockville, Maryland!




Term I:
May 30 - June 30
Term II: July 3- August 4
Online Math: TBD
Online Professional Communication: TBD
Online Psychology: TBD

Intensive Mini-Terms Available! (2 weeks)
Mini-Term I: June 26 - July 7
Mini-Term II: July 10 - July 21
Mini-Term III: July 24 - August 4

2017 Undergraduate Course Listings
Online Registration for Hopkins Students
Apply Now (Visiting Undergraduates and Pre-College)

Financial Aid Office
Housing Office
Learning Den

Hopkins Undergraduates:
-Register online at beginning March 7

Visiting Undergraduates:
-Register through the Summer Programs Office after submitting online application: here.

Transcript Request
Visiting Undergraduates and Pre-College students who need an official JHU transcript should make their request with our Office of the Registrar. Click here for more information.

Contact Us

Summer &
Intersession Programs

Summer and Intersession Programs
3400 N. Charles Street
W620 Wyman Park Building
Baltimore, MD 21218


3100 Wyman Park Drive
Suite W620
Baltimore, MD 21211

FAX 410.516.5585