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Zumba Night in the Dorm
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Charles Commons building

Campus Info, Housing and Meals

Where will I be living?

Students will be living in Wolman Hall

I know another student attending the program; can I request that s/he be my roommate?

Roommate requests are not permitted, as meeting new people is part of the college experience.

How long will meal service run?

Meal service will begin with lunch on the night of check in and will end after breakfast on the day you are checking out.

Will linens/towels be provided in my room?

All bed linens, including blankets, pillows, bath towels and washcloths, are provided by the University.

What is appropriate attire for class?

Dress is casual.

Will I have a curfew?

Students will be expected to be in their rooms by 12 midnight every night. There will be a room check by a residential advisor.

What is the policy on bringing TV's, stereo systems, cameras and musical instruments?

Students should leave their TV's and large stereo systems at home as there will be so many other activities! When listening to music, we ask that students use earphones or keep the volume at a reasonable level since others may be studying or sleeping. Students can bring their musical instruments as many of their classmates are talented musicians and may want to form a group. Practice rooms (including pianos) are available in the Mattin Center. Many students bring their cameras for photos with all of their new friends!


Whenever I needed help, my R A would be there to help with pre-calculus. - Brian

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