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Food, Nutrition and Public Health



Instructor Bio:
Seung Hee Lee, MS, Ph.D Candidate
Center for Human Nutrition
Department of International Health
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


Previous research in individual weight management counseling revealed the importance of environmental intervention to fight obesity. As a third year PhD student in the Center of Human Nutrition in the Department of International Health, Ms. Lee's research interest lies in preventative approaches, specifically increasing healthy food options in low income neighborhoods in Baltimore. Currently, she is working on the ‘Baltimore Healthy Carryouts’ project implementing culturally relevant intervention in carryouts in low-income neighborhoods to promote healthy eating to African American adults in the community.


Program Description:

With the creation of the President Barack Obama's Task Force on Child Obesity, there is finally a national focus on the importance of childhood nutrition. Michelle Obama spearheads the “Let’s Move” initiative, dedicated to the goal of eradicating childhood obesity through emphasis on diet and exercise. This program will tackle this issue from the ground up; discovering the extent to which people have access to food and investigating the social distinctions responsible for nutritional stratification. Through visiting area farms and restaurants (including the famed Woodberry Kitchen) and through volunteer work at the Maryland Food Bank, students will spend two weeks watching food go from farm to table—or not.


Today the majority of the population of the United States lives in cities and soon half of the world’s population will live in urban areas. What does this mean for the health of the populations both in the US and the world? Is an urban population a healthier population? This course will examine the physical, social and economic dimensions of health and health care in the urban environment with specific reference to urban sprawl, air quality, urban heat island effects, physical activity patterns, pedestrian and motor vehicle injuries, water quantity and quality, redevelopment, and health disparities by race and class.



Community Service Learning Field Trips (a certificate of volunteer hours will be provided by Johns Hopkins, which may be applied toward service hours required for the high school diploma):

Franciscan Center

Maryland Food Bank

Johns Hopkins Campus Kitchens
Organic Food Farm


Guest speakers:

Ralph Loglisci - Project Director for Healthy Monday Project, Center for a Livable Future

Anne Palmer, Director for Eating for the Future, Center for a Livable Future

Dr. Joel Gittelsohn - Professor, Center for Human Nutrition in the Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of International Health

Dr. Rolf Klemm - Senior Scientist, Johns Hopkins Center for Human Nutrition in the Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of International Health

Megan Rowan - Senior Data Collector, Center for Human Nutrition in the Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of International Health



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