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This summer, we are proud to announce that Johns Hopkins University has partnered with Summer Discovery to direct our Residential Program for pre-college students.

Summer Discovery Residential Program

Jonathan Shulman, Director
Justyna Faledysz, Associate Director

2015 Summer Residential Counselors

Success in college relies on hard work, preparation and a great support system. Our Summer Program RCs are students committed to helping you make the most out of your time spent here. Whether you need help studying, socializing or finding your classroom, your RC will be there to lend a hand!

2015 RCs

Adrian White
Alina Berganovsky
Calvin Lopez
Chris Streicher
Clare Harwood
Courtny Franco
Erin Gresh
Gabriela Avila
Houston Spencer
Jennie David
Lauren Stead
Maggie Romero
Matthew Stewart
Melkam Filate
Michael Donovan
Michael Happ
Michelle Jewett
Otis Munroe
Seble Aragwal
Syed Raza
Tameka Bazile
Wedly Saintyl

2014 RCs

Calvin Lopez
Emily Pelletier
Greg Hartman
Joshua Kohrs
Justyna Faledysz
Katia Charov
Mackenzie Keefe
Micheaux Ferdinand
Michelle Soto
Nicholas Villa
Tawsif Rahman

2013 RCs

Adolfo Fernandez
Alicia Scott
Ashley Cook
Benjamin Safran
Brittany Heyer
Chijioke Okeke
Christopher Shin
Dain Rivers
Jennifer Carmin
John Santosuosso
John Lane
Kevin Lattimore
Kristen Wilks
Laura Silveira
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Schofield
Rebekah List
Sian Martin

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