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Summer University

Choosing Your Courses

According to your own interests. If your interests are diverse, and you have not really settled on a career path, select courses that fit your personality and current interests. What motivates you? Speaking a new language? We are offering Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Spanish! Taking digital photos? We’re offering digital and manual photography! Interested in a medical career? Try our intro course in neuroscience or take a class on the stem cell debate.

According to topic areas. Besides topic areas under departmental listings (Earth and Planetary Sciences, Computer Science, English, Politics etc.), students can delve into a topic by studying it from the perspective of different disciplines.


Try the Course Selector Tool to help create your schedule. Once the new page opens select a course from the course menu and your schedule will be populated in the calendar. When you have completed creating your schedule you can print it and refer to it during the application process.


Course Selector Tool

Meet the Faculty
Professor Masson

Gerald Masson, Ph.D.

Professor Department of Computer Science. Director, Information Security Institute, Whiting School of Engineering.

Other Programs


Sharpen and refine your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills, or improve your test scores.
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Engineering Innovation engages pre-college students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, inspires them to consider further studies and careers in engineering, and provides an understanding of basic engineering principles and skills.
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