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University Policies Grades


The scale of marks for official grade rosters is as follows: A: Excellent; B: Good; C: Satisfactory; D: Passing; F: Failure; I: Incomplete; S: Passing in an S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) course; U: D or F in an S/U course. Plus/minus grading is also used. Other symbols include N: Ceased attending course without officially dropping the course; W: Withdrew from a course with official permission; and M: Grade has not been submitted by instructor. An I or N grade automatically converts to an F in all courses three weeks into the fall semester. Auditing is not permitted.


The deadlines for changing to S/U are as follows:

  • Term I: Friday, June 13
  • Term II: Friday, July 18

Note: Many schools do not accept a Satisfactory grade for transfer credit; accordingly, visiting students must obtain approval from the Summer Programs Office to change to S/U. A course may not be taken S/U to absolve a grade of F or D, and credits are not granted for S/U courses receiving a final grade of U. A course must be taken S/U to absolve a U in an S/U course. Hopkins undergraduates may take one course S/U per summer. Pre-College Summer Program students must obtain approval for changing to S/U from the Summer Programs Office.


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