How to become a member

By joining our listserv, you automatically become a Member of the JHU Women's Network. There are no forms and no membership fees.

This mailing list helps us maintain communications within the JHU Women's Network. Anyone with an email address may subscribe. As a member of the list, you can send and receive email messages to the group.

    To subscribe:
  1. Send an email to
  2. Type the words "subscribe womensforum" (no quotes or brackets),followed by your professional name (LAST NAME, first and middle) using proper case.
    Example: subscribe womensforum Doe, Jane Q.

You will receive a confirmation and will begin to receive messages from the group.

  • Why use your professional name?
    This is the name used on your membership card.
  • Why last name first?
    So that we can index our membership names efficiently.

To unsubscribe send an email to with the following request in the subject line: "unsubscribe WOMENSFORUM" (no quotes).