Officer Descriptions

Please contact your Chapter Chair if you are interested in working on your chapter board. Position descriptions can be found below.

Our current members are listed here

Please contact Myrta Byrum if you are interested in more information about the nomination process.

Campus Chapters:

The purpose of the chapter: (1) to identify and respond to the special needs, issues and interests of JHU Women's Network members on each campus; (2) to facilitate communication with the JHU Women's Network and (3) to implement organizational policy, annual goals, and procedures at the campus level.

Campus Chapter Chair:

Provides leadership for the chapter; oversees the work of each committee (community outreach, communications, membership, programs) and meets with them as needed; serves as the critical link between the chapter and the Steering Committee Board, either directly or through a designee; attending Steering Committee meetings quarterly.

Community Outreach Coordinator:

Coordinates outreach activities (i.e. House of Ruth campaign, Maryland Food Bank campaign), which are set by the Steering Committee Board. Works with both Communications and Programs Coordinators to coordinate events at chapter level.

Communications Coordinator:

Coordinates communications activities for the chapter, set forth by the Steering Committee Board; ensures that events for the chapter are sent to the Steering Committee Board in a timely fashion for dissemination over the listserve; ensures that chapter events are publized (both in print and electronically). Works with webpage designer to ensure information is posted. Assists with the organization of two annual mass mailing, as set forth by the Steering Committee Board.

Membership Coordinator:

Coordinates an annual membership reception/recruitment at chapter level; works with the Steering Committee Board Membership Coordinator for "Call for Nominations" and elections of officers at campus level.

Programs Coordinator:

Coordinates program activities of the chapter; works with the chapter Membership Coordinator during the annual Membership Recruitment drive; coordinators quarterly Brown Bag Lunch Series, Networking Sessions, and Volunteers Opportunities; arranges for room reservations, set-up, equipment, catering/refreshments, publicity, photocopying for said events. Helps with the annual spring luncheon when hosted by chapter.


Takes minutes at all chapter meetings for distribution to Steering Committee Board and chapter general members. Keeps an archive of chapter events. May be elected or appointed if the chapter deems this position necessary. May serve on the chapter board, but has no formal representation on the Steering Committee Board.


Develops the chapter annual operating budget, as set forth by the Steering Committee Board. May be elected or appointed if the chapter deems these positions necessary. May serve on the chapter board, but has no formal representation on the Steering Committee Board or Chapter committees.


Terms for each office are two years and are staggered to insure continuity. Officers assume their positions at the July chapter board meeting.


Elections are held annually. The nominating committee should be careful to promote diversity in the chapter leadership, including representation of all the Johns Hopkins divisions located in the chapter as well as including staff and faculty from all levels and grades.


Each chapter holds open chapter meetings as frequently as needed to accomplish its purpose, but not less frequently than semi-annually.