125th Anniversary of The Johns Hopkins University
125th Anniversary of The Johns Hopkins University
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Johns Hopkins: Knowledge for the World -- an ambitious book that captures the 125-year history of Johns Hopkins University in revealing photos and the words of those who know the place best -- is available in bookstores or can be ordered through Johns Hopkins University Press (1-800-537-5487; www.press.jhu.edu) for a special price of $45.

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The story of a generous gift by a prominent Baltimore merchant and investor, Johns Hopkins, for the establishment of the university bearing his name is well documented and has been told often and well, but perhaps never so fully and attractively than by Mame Warren. Her volume portrays in words and photos the many men and women who, over the last 125 years, have risen to the bold vision of one person to give Hopkins its present prestige and presence. The reach of knowledge created within its schools, institutes, and laboratories extends truly across the globe.
Kishin Moorjani, editor-in-chief, Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest

Johns Hopkins: Knowledge for the World is a treasure. Leafing through it is like enjoying the old family album--the Hopkins family album. But what an extraordinary family! I am proud to be a part of it.
Jerry Schnydman B.A.'67

Traditions can be invaluable to an institution when they are traditions of excellence, are used as standards of performance, and not permitted to stifle progress. Johns Hopkins has been blessed with many, and they have been vital in making it the place that it is. Mame Warren's book provides a stunning photographic record of those traditions.
Victor McKusick, M.D.'46

Despite having spent more than two decades at the University, I continue to be amazed, indeed awed, by the extraordinarily talented Hopkins faculty and its involvement with the key issues of our time. In this magnificently illustrated book, Mame Warren brings to life the diversity, nature and spirit of the Hopkins family and provides historical depth and texture to a fascinating present. The book is a gem.
D. A. Henderson, M.D., M.P.H.'60

I have loved spending hours with this book. It's a wonderful blend of pictures and recollections that stimulates many, many memories. I have given the book to numerous people with both close and distant Hopkins connections.
Martha Hill, R.N.'64, B.S.N.'66, Ph.D.'87

This book evokes a sense of pride for all who have been associated with The Johns Hopkins University. If you love Hopkins, Mame Warren's powerful book will make you smile, reminisce, and feel energized. Her writing is upbeat, interesting, and reader friendly. And if the past is prologue, Johns Hopkins: Knowledge for the World provides a good framework for further actions.
Pete Petersen, D.B.A.

Meet the Author ... Mame Warren!

An Uncommon Affection
By Sue De Pasquale
A preview of the ambitious book that captures the
125-year history of Johns Hopkins University in revealing
photos and the words of those who know
the place best.
[Johns Hopkins Magazine, September 2000]

New Book to Tell Hopkins Story
By Greg Rienzi
400 photographs and 60 oral histories will give voice to
the university
[The Gazette, 04.24.00]

'I let the institution speak for itself,' says editor Mame Warren, whose upcoming book--a 'visual and verbal portrait' of Johns Hopkins--will commemorate the university's 125th anniversary.

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