125th Anniversary of The Johns Hopkins University
125th Anniversary of The Johns Hopkins University

In February 1876, the first president of The Johns Hopkins University formally took office and laid out his plans for a radically new educational institution. Daniel Coit Gilman described in great detail a university that would embrace as its mission not just the dissemination, but also the actual discovery of knowledge.

"What are we aiming at?" he asked. "The advancement of individual scholars, who by their excellence will advance the sciences they pursue, and the society where they dwell."

Today, that remains our mission, and we remind ourselves of it with the theme of this 125th anniversary year. It's a simple, but powerful restatement of Gilman's own words: "Knowledge. For the world."

Throughout this anniversary year, we will look back at how Johns Hopkins has advanced those "individual scholars ... and the society where they dwell." And we will look ahead at how it should create knowledge and share it with the world over the next 125 years.

On behalf of President William R. Brody and the 125th Anniversary Committee, I welcome you to our celebration. I invite you to become actively involved in both the commemoration of our past and the consideration of our future.

Ross Jones
Vice President and Secretary Emeritus
Chair, The 125th Anniversary Committee

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