Anand Gnanadesikan’s Current Science Olympiad Site


Welcome to my new site for Science Olympiad. I hope you find it useful.


General suggestions


One of the questions I often hear from coaches and students is, “how do I prepare?” Here is a basic list of suggestions

-Aim high. The standard a middle school team should be aiming for is the equivalent of a college course for non-majors. For high-schoolers, think AP level or higher. So look for textbooks at that level online.

-Get help. If you have siblings in college, parents of friends or community members get them to help you with the more difficult material. Your fellow team members can often help set up events.

-Test each other. Coaches can’t do everything.  You may end up knowing your subject better than your teacher/coach does. Making tests gets you into the mind of the supervisor, and can show up where you don’t actually understand as much as you think you do.


Specific events

Remote Sensing 2012: Remote sensing of the Hydrosphere

Dynamic Planet 2011: Hydrology and limnology


Dynamic Planet 2009-2010: Earthquakes and volcanos.