Hojjat Bazzazi


PhD Johns Hopkins University
MSc University of Waterloo
BSc University of Calgary

Research Interests

Computational modeling of angiogenic signaling pathways within the context of peripheral arterial disease (PAD)


Bazzazi H, Sang L, Dick IE, Joshi-Mukherjee R, Yang W, and Yue DT, Novel FRET-based reporter reveals differential calcineurin activation in neonatal and adult cardiomyocytes. (2015) Journal of Physiology

Bazzazi H, Johny MB, Adams PJ, Soong TW, and Yue DT, Continuously tunable Ca2+ regulation of RNA- edited Cav1.3 channels (2013) Cell Reports 5:1-11

Johnny MB, Yang PS, Bazzazi H, Yue DT, Dynamic switching of Calmodulin interactions underlies Ca2+ regulation of Cav1.3 channels (2013), Nature Communications 4:1717.

MacCannell KA, Bazzazi H, Chilton L, Shibukawa Y, Clark RB, Giles WR, A mathematical model of electronic interactions between ventricular myocytes and fibroblasts (2007), Biophysical Journal 92(11):4121-32.

Bazzazi H, Clark RB, Giles WR, Mathematical simulations of the effects of altered AMP- kinase activity on INa and the action potential in rat ventricle (2006), Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, 17 Suppl 1:S162-S168.  

Jones PP, Bazzazi H, Kargacin GJ, Coyler J, Inhibition of cAMP- dependent protein kinase under conditions occurring in the cardiac dyad during a Ca2+ transient (2006),Biophysical Journal  91(2):433-43.

Ward CA, Bazzazi H, Clark RB, Nygren A, Giles WR, Actions of emigrated neutrophils on Na+ and K+ currents in rat ventricular myocytes (2006). Progress in  Biophysics and  Molecular Biology 90(1-3):249-69.

Skinner FK, Bazzazi H, Campbell SA, Two-cell to N- cell heterogenous, inhibitory networks: precise linking of multistable and coherent properties (2005). Journal of Computational Neuroscience 18(3):343-52.

Bazzazi H, Kargacin ME, Kargacin GJ, Ca2+ regulation in the near- membrane microenvironment in smooth muscle cells (2003). Biophysical Journal 85(3):1754-65.

Oprea A, Bazzazi H, Kangarloo B, Wolff JE, The kinetics and mechanisms of the reaction of Mesna with cisplatin, oxiplatin and carboplatin (2001). Anticancer Research 21(2A):1225-9. 

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