M.S. in Pharmacy, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2008
B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seoul National University , South Korea, 2006


[1] Invited talk, Breast Cancer Seminar (Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center), Johns Hopkins University, USA, 2013

[2] Mogam Scholarship, Mogam Science Scholarship Foundation, South Korea, 2012

[3] 'Runner up' Award, Safeway Breast Cancer Symposium, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University, USA, 2012

[4] Brain Korea 21 Scholarship, Korea Research Foundation, South Korea, 2008

[5] Merit-based scholarship, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2002-2006

Research Interests

I am focusing on molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis by looking into the roles of angiocrine and lymphangiocrine factors in normal or cancerous condition. I am also interested in the development of anti-lymphangiogenic and anti-angiogenic peptides to target tumor growth and metastasis.


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[8] Chu, L.H., Lee, E., Bader, J.S., Popel, A.S., Angiogenesis interactome and time course microarray data reveal the distinct activation pattern of receptor tyrosine kinases on endothelial cells, under review


Guitar, classical music, movie

Home town

Seoul, South Korea