Spyros Stamatelos


Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University / University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), NJ, 2010

Dipl. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2005


Cover Page in Microvascular Research for the entire year 2014

Honorary Recognition Award by Hellenic Department of Defense for Greek citizens with outstanding scientific achievements abroad, 2012-2013

John R. Pappenheimer Postdoctoral Travel award, Experimental Biology conference in Boston, 2013

Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Special Issue, November 2012, Featured in Cover Page

Poster award, Johns Hopkins University 6th Annual Nano-Bio Technology Symposium, 2012

Gerondelis Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 2008-2009

International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering Travel Award, 2009

UMDNJ Graduate Fellowship, 2005-2006

Research Interests

My research involves the development of a methodology to reconstruct noisy “wide-area” micro-computed tomography imaging data, and evaluate blood perfusion and oxygenation in the whole tumor and regions of interest. Moreover I conduct simulations of 3D diffusion of small molecular species which are important for tumor angiogenesis and growth.


Stamatelos S.K., Kim E., Pathak A.P., Popel A.S., A Bioimage Informatics Based Reconstruction of Breast Tumor Microvasculature with Computational Blood Flow Predictions (accepted in Microvascular Research)

Kim E., Stamatelos S.K., Cebulla J., Bhujwalla Z.M., Popel A.S., Pathak A.P., Multiscale Imaging and Computational Modeling of Blood Flow in the Tumor Vasculature. Ann Biomed Eng. 2012. Epub 2012 May 9th.

Stamatelos S.K., Androulakis I.P., Kong A.N.T., Georgopoulos P.G., A Semi-Mechanistic Integrated Toxicokinetic-Toxicodynamic (TK/TD) Model for Arsenic(III) in Hepatocytes. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2013, 317:244-56

Stamatelos S.K., Brinkerhoff C.J., Isukapalli S.S., Georgopoulos P.G., Mathematical Model of Uptake and Metabolism of Arsenic (III) in Human Hepatocytes – Incorporation of Cellular Antioxidant Response and Threshold-Dependent Behavior. BMC Systems Biology 2011, 5:16


Running, Cinema, Football, Basketball

Home town

Lefkada, Greece