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Effective immediately, qualified undergraduates are eligible for a
Minor in Visual Arts!!!
Full details are available through the Office of Academic Advising.

Here are the basic requirements:
Students may focus on either traditional studio courses or a digital
curriculum. They have the option to combine the two tracks for a more
diverse, if more general, experience.

A minimum range of 15 to 18 credits, including two core requirements,
either 371.131 Studio Drawing I (Studio track)
or 371.152 Introduction to Digital Photography (Digital track)
and a 100-200 level History of Art course
pertinent to the student's field of interest in the visual arts.

Students may count as many as two visual arts courses taken at MICA,
but not offered at Hopkins, toward the Minor.
These courses must be approved in advance by the advisor.

One Independent Study course in the visual arts may be counted toward the Minor.
One visual arts course, not offered at Hopkins, taken in a JHU-affiliated
study abroad program may be counted toward the Minor.
This course must be approved in advance by the advisor.

Students should declare the Minor by the end of their sophomore year.

Each student's complete program of study must be approved by the advisor.
Advising will be done by the Director (Studio) and the Photography Coordinator (Digital).

Click here for the Spring 2014 Class Schedule.

The Homewood Art Workshops were established
in 1974 to provide undergraduates a studio
environment in which to pursue their creative
interests. The Workshops support the academic
mission of the University by giving students the
opportunity to participate in an accredited visual
arts program. Through classes offered by the
Homewood Art Workshops, students can
enrich their lives while diversifying and
broadening their educational experience.

Watch a video overview of the Art Workshops

Student Artwork from
Introduction to Printmaking 2013:

Alessandra Felloni

David Koh

Ellie Kaplan

Emily Markert

Kelly Dunn

Khadija Crawford

Sara Jones

Sara Jones

Soo Young Yoo

Soo Young Yoo