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Our new members (and a few returning members) attended welding training at Earlbeck Gases and Technologies. They learned the theory behind both MIG and TIG Welding and had the opportunity to practice under the guidance and supervision of professionals!

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As the new year kicks off we begin to teach the new members all that they need to know to design and build Hopkins Baja's next vehicle. This week we did hand on training with the notching and grinding equipment, vital tools for the fabrication of our roll cage and suspension. Soon the new members will have an in depth explanation of all components of last years car, 'Hector,' after which they will all have CAD installed on their computers. After a few quick CAD lessons we will send them off to begin their design work for this years car.

2016 Racing Wrap-up - We competed in 2 competitions and once again Hopkins Baja proved over and over again the value of teamwork and never giving up. Read all about our efforts with the 12x here. Countless hours of design, machining, and manufacturing paid off both in Tennessee and New York, where the team competed relentlessly, taking home a trophy in the Cost event and placing in the top 20 for the Suspension & Traction events. The team has already begun designing next year's car. Thank you so much to all of our sponsors and everyone else who helps make Hopkins Baja possible. For a full list of sponsors see our sponsors page.

The 12X stands proud at the Rochester competition.