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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Gastroenterology Early Detection Biomarkers Laboratory!

Our laboratory group focuses its efforts on the molecular genetics of gastrointestinal cancers and premalignant lesions, as well as on translational research to improve early detection, prognostic evaluation, and treatment of these conditions. 

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Biomarkers in Esophageal Cancer
Esophageal carcinoma is among the top ten causes of cancer death worldwide. This disease is usually detected at advanced stages, when available treatments are not very effective. Earlier detection of this cancer has been shown to make a significant impact on patient outcome. Our studies are yielding biomarkers capable of diagnosing synchronous cancer based on gene expression patterns in normal or premalignant tissues.

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Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer
In the United States, colon cancer is the most prevalent malignancy and the leading cause of death in the digestive system. To improve clinical care and early detection of this disease, novel molecular biomarkers and a comprehensive understanding of molecular pathology are valuable. Aberrant gene silencing by hypermethylation at CpG islands covering the promoter region is a major hallmark of human cancer of multiple organs, and promoter hypermethylation of some genes is of diagnostic value. In this context, we are conducting global scanning for novel genes with aberrant promoter methylation in colon cancer using a differential expression pattern-oriented approach.

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