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Associate Professor

email: zaitchik at jhu.edu
office: 222 Olin Hall
phone: 410-516-4223
fax: 410-516-7933

My research is directed at understanding, managing, and building resilience to climatic and hydrologic variability and change. Understanding variability and change requires examination of the natural and anthropogenic phenomena that drive climate and surface processes. Managing variability and change relates to our ability to control anthropogenic influences on climate and hydrology at local, regional, and global scales. Building resilience to variability and change includes improved forecast systems, impacts projections, and methods of risk assessment. In each of these areas of research I employ a combination of observation--both in situ and remotely sensed--and numerical modeling techniques.

You can also listen to my interview on the People Behind the Science podcast.


[Remote Sensing of the Environment (AS 270.318/618)]

[Present and Future Climate (AS 270.378/678)]

[Climate Science & Policy (AS 271.360)]

[Modeling the Hydrological Cycle (AS 270.405)]

[The Water, Energy, Food Nexus (SA 680.792 / AS 271.402)]

[Climate Change Discussions (AS 270.405)]


Research Scientists



Hamada Badr, Assistant Research Scientist


Annalise Blum, Glenadore & Howard L. Pim Postdoctoral Fellow

Research interests:
- Hydrologic variability
- Statistical and econometric analysis
- Human and climate impacts on water resources
- Natural hazard policy



Ryan Zamora, Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests:
- Climate Dynamics and Climate Modeling
- Tropical Meteorology and Tropical Cyclones
- Seasonal Forecasting
- Land Surface Modeling


Ying Zhang, Postdoctoral Fellow

Debjani Ghatak

Debjani Ghatak, Adjunct Assistant Research Scientist

Research Interests:
-Changes in Northern hemisphere land-surface snow
-Response of snow to climate modes
-Response of snow to other cryospheric variabilities (e.g. changing Arctic Sea Ice)
-Arctic climate
-Land surface-atmosphere interactions
-Atmospheric feedback
-Climate change in high altitude region (e.g. the Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau)
-Climate modelling


Graduate Students

Asha Asha Jordan, PhD student
Nikki Nicole DeLuca, Phd Student

Wanshu Nie, PhD student

Research Interests:
- Urban Hydrology & Microclimate
- Boundary layer meteorology
- Anthropogenic heat
- Numerical modeling
- Data assimilation


Christina Recalde, PhD student



Mahmoud Osman, PhD student



Amandeep Vashisht, PhD student



Yifan Zhou, PhD student

Research Interests:
- Tropical and Subtropical Climate Dynamics
- South Asia Monsoon
- Hydrological Seasonal Forecasting
- Hydrological modeling
- High Mountain Asia Climate-hydrology interactions

Fritz Fritz Policelli, PhD student & AST in Hydrological Sciences at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



Satish Regonda - Research Associate 2014-2016
Tiffany Smith - Graduate Student 2010-2016
Saleh Satti - Graduate Student 2011-2016
Jose Molina- Graduate Student 2012-2016
Fisseha Berhane - Graduate Student 2011-2016
Erin Urquhart- Graduate Student 2009-2014
Amin Dezfuli- Postdoctoral researcher and Assistant Research Scientist 2011-2015
Partha Bhattacharjee- Postdoctoral researcher 2012-2013
Beth Feingold - Pim Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2013
Clement Alo - Assistant Research Scientist 2010-2011
Jong Ahn Chun - Assistant Research Scientist 2011-2012
Stephanie Stettz - JHU undergraduate 2017
Weston Anderson - JHU undergraduate 2011 and DoGEE MSE 2012
Mark Brennan - JHU undergraduate 2012
Keith Spangler - JHU undergraduate 2011