Networking with other Hopkins Alumni

As we continue to work with alumni job seekers and recruiters, we hear over and over again the importance of networking not only while job searching, but as a new professional. Many recent graduates and new professionals we work with are hesitant to network because they feel bad about asking others for assistance or because it feels uncomfortable to promote themselves to others. Networking is something that takes practice. It is a skill that you have to learn to be a successful job seeker in today's job market. Many of our alumni job seekers spend an equal amount of time networking as they do applying for job postings on job boards. Here are some of the resources the Career Center has to help you as you network with others.

Alumni Group and Career Networking Subgroups on LinkedIn:

The Career Center manages several career networking subgroups as part of the Johns Hopkins Alumni group on LinkedIn. To join these groups:
  1. log into your LinkedIn account.
  2. In the top right search bar, select groups and type in Johns Hopkins.
  3. Request to join the largest Johns Hopkins Alumni group.
  4. Once your request has been approved, you can click into the group, select "more" and select "subgroups." This will allow you to join as many of the career networking subgroups as you find necessary given your career interests.
For questions about using LinkedIn, visit our networking page, or contact Julie Elliot , LinkedIn can be used in many ways to aide you in your job search.

Career Fairs/Networking Events:

The Career Center holds three career fairs every year on the Johns Hopkins Campus. These events are open to all Hopkins alumni. To learn more about these events, please click here. (Johns Hopkins Alumni Database):

To search for alumni contacts in various fields, the Alumni Relations office has created a great resource, This database is separate from the career center's job and internship database, J-Connect, and is supported by the Alumni Relations office. If you are having trouble accessing to search for alumni contacts, please email the Alumni Relations office,