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Public Relations - What you need to know ?

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                  Government Public Affairs- Federal, State                   or Local
                  Political Public Relations
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Public Relations involves working with various forms of media to educate, correct mistakes, and build or improve the image of an organization, person, or product. PR includes publicity, acting as press agents, book publicity, propaganda (for government agencies), corporate communications, crisis management and advertising. Those involved in public relations focus on effective communication for and the representation of their clients. PR professionals also analyze future trends and attitudes so their clients can maintain and win over public perception.

Who They Serve:
Public relations agencies serve a wide range of clients including for-profit companies, government agencies, individuals, hospitals, nonprofits, and foreign businesses and governments. To achieve their goals, these organizations need to develop effective relationships with many different target audiences such as employees, members, customers, local communities, shareholders, other organizations, and society at large.