Sample curriculum: Ph.D. in Earth & Planetary Sciences and non-thesis M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering


Graduate students enrolled in the EPS Ph.D. program can apply to receive M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering after fulfilling the requirements of a non-thesis based Masters in Mechanical Engineering, i.e. they must successfully complete a coordinated sequence of ten courses with special emphasis in fluid mechanics and engineering mechanics.


Possible sequence of courses would include:


530.334           Heat Transfer (Herman)

530.328           Fluid Mechanics II (Meneveau)

530.601           Continuum Mechanics (Molinari)

530.621           Fluid dynamics I (Knio/Meneveau)

530.632           Convection (Prosperetti)

530.659           Computational methods of engineering mathematics (Chirikjian)

530.766           Introduction to numerical methods (Knio)


270.646           Fluid Dynamics of the Earth and Planets (Olson/Waugh

270.653           Fluid Dynamics of the Earth and Planets II (Haine/Waugh)

270.643           Oceanic Turbulence and Mixing (Osborn)


With these (or equivalent set) courses the student can petition the ME Department for award of a M.S.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Completion of Ph.D. thesis in EPS requires additional courses according to EPS rules.