Sample curriculum: Ph.D. in Physics and non-thesis M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering


Graduate students enrolled in the Physics and Astronomy Ph.D. program can apply to receive M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering after fulfilling the requirements of a non-thesis based Masters in Mechanical Engineering, i.e. they must successfully complete a coordinated sequence of ten courses with special emphasis in fluid mechanics and engineering mechanics.


Possible sequence of courses would include:


530.328           Fluid Mechanics II (Meneveau)

530.601           Continuum Mechanics (Molinari)

530.621           Fluid dynamics I (Knio/Meneveau)

530.632           Convection (Prosperetti)

530.766           Introduction to numerical methods (Knio)

530.639           Scientific Computing (Chen)

530.736           Microfluidics (Chen)


171.415           Mathematical Methods for Physicists

171.601           Theoretical Mechanics

171.626           Statistical Methods for Physics and Astronomy


With these (or equivalent set) courses the student can petition the ME Department for award of a M.S.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Completion of Ph.D. thesis in Physics requires additional courses according to Physics & Astronomy Departmentís rules.