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Instructions for poster presenters:

For those presenting a poster, please note that there will be two Poster Sessions. Session I is called "Turbulent Flows" and will take place on Friday May 30th after lunch. Session II is "Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid Physics & Geophysical Flows" and will take place on Saturday, also after lunch. Click here for the complete list of poster presentations. Please plan on installing your poster in the morning (eg during breakfast time or the first coffee break). For presenters in Session I, please collect your poster at the end of the day's program in order to allow posters in Session II to be installed Saturday morning.

Poster boards have an area of 4ft high by 8ft long in the horizontal, so posters of about 3.5ft by 7.5ft (or less) are recommended. Poster presenters should plan on installing their posters during the morning of May 30th, and be in front of their poster either during Poster Session I or II, depending on when their poster is scheduled. Poster boards that will be availablea re pictured below:



Last update: 06/03/2008