CEAFM Dual Degree Program
CEAFM Dual Degree Program

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CEAFM Dual Degree Program


Procedures: CEAFM Dual Graduate Degree Program

Students can apply to this joint program either when first applying for admission to the primary Ph.D.-granting Department or after being admitted and enrolled in the primary Ph.D. program (preferred method).

Students may complete an Application to the Masters-Granting Department following the Department’s established graduate application procedures. In addition, students may complete the Intent to Complete Masters Degree for CEAFM Dual Degree Program form and give copies to PhD advisor, Masters advisor, and CEAFM director. (Note: this form is in PDF format, it can be filled using Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the field and typing the information.)

Application to the M.S.E., M.S. or M.A. program in the secondary Masters-granting Department, as well as registration for courses there every semester, requires the approval of the student’s primary Ph.D. advisor. The joint program requirements include all the Ph.D. requirements in the primary PhD-granting Department and all the requirements for a Masters degree in the secondary Masters-granting Department. If a course is acceptable in fulfilling the Ph.D requirements in the primary Department and also can fulfill the Masters requirement in the secondary Department, the course can be counted as fulfillment towards both degrees. Students participating in the dual-degree program will be advised by their Ph.D. advisor following the normal procedures of the primary Ph.D. program, and will be advised by a faculty member from the secondary M.S. or M.A.-granting Department about course requirements for the Masters degree. Students will be registered in their Ph.D.-granting Departments for the duration of their graduate studies, and all fees, tuition, health-insurance payments would be made from their primary, Ph.D.-granting Department.

In addition to fulfilling course requirements, the students will participate in the weekly CEAFM seminar series and the various CEAFM research symposia throughout the year.

After the student has completed the Masters-degree requirements he/she can petition the Department for award of the Masters degree which must be authorized following standard procedures in each Department, and be accompanied by authorization from primary Ph.D. advisor.


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