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Weekly Seminar

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Fall 2018 Weekly Seminars

August 31, 2018
(No Seminar)

September 7, 2018
Speaker: Prof. Emilio Baglietto (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Title: "Can We Deliver A Truly Predictive Method For Critical Heat Flux?"
Hosted By: Gretar Tryggvason (ME)

September 14, 2018
Speaker: Prof. Soojung Claire Hur (Johns Hopkins University)
Title: "Differential Inertial Microfluidics for Biomedical Research"

Hosted By: Rajat Mittal (ME)

September 21, 2018
Speaker: Prof. Krishnan Mahesh (University of Minnesota)
Title: "The Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows"

Hosted By: Tamer Zaki (ME)

September 28, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Rei Chemke (Columbia University)
Title: "The Climate’s Response to Anthropogenic Emissions: The Role of Ocean Circulation"

Hosted By: Darryn Waugh (EPS)

October 5, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Perry Johnson (Stanford University)
"Particles in Turbulence: Velocity Gradients and Collisions"
Hosted By: Charles Meneveau (ME)

October 12, 2018
No Seminar

October 19, 2018
FALL BREAK (No Seminar)

October 26, 2018
Speaker: Prof. Lakshmi Dasi (Ohio State University)
"Towards Precision Medicine Approach for Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Replacement"
Hosted By: Rajat Mittal (ME)

November 2, 2018
Speaker: Prof. Harihar Rajaram (JHU - EHE)
Title: "A Computational Model for Transient Evolving Subglacial Hydrology"
Hosted By: Charles Meneveau (ME)

November 9, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Bradley M. Wheaton (JHU - APL)
Title: "
BOLT Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition Flight Experiment"
Hosted By: Tamer Zaki (ME)

November 16, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Michael Wilczek (Max Planck Research Group)
Title: "Turbulence and Pattern Formation in a Minimal Model for Active Fluids"
Hosted By: Charles Meneveau (ME)

November 23, 2018

November 30, 2018
Speaker: Prof. Margaret Byron (Pennsylvania State University)
"Nonspherical Particles in Turbulent Flow: Influence of Shape, Size, and Density Distribution"
Hosted By: Dennice Gayme (ME)

December 7, 2018
(No Seminar)

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