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The Goldberg Group is home to bioinorganic research in the department of chemistry at The Johns Hopkins University. Clicking through the buttons below you can find basic information concerning our research, publications, members, and activities. The pictures provide direct links to the corresponding pages.

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Research in the Goldberg Group focuses on the design and synthesis of novel organic ligands and inorganic, transition metal complexes for their use as models of heme- and nonheme enzyme active sites as well as for their application in answering fundamental questions regarding mechanism, structure, and spectroscopy.


The table of contents figures and links to publications from the Goldberg Group can be viewed in our publications index in its entirety or as organized by research topic.

Goldberg Group Members

Members of the Goldberg Group are not just a diverse group of hard-working scientists. Relationships built on fond memories on and off campus continue even as members move forward with their careers.

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