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[Pic of Billy]

Billy Smith, 5th Year Graduate Student

I graduated Stevenson University, previously known as Villa Julie College, in 2005. In the Fairbrother Group, I have studied the stability and aggregation of carbon nanotubes in aqueous environments as they relate to surface functionalization, and I am currently pursuing further studies pertaining to the fate and transport of functionalized nanotubes as they travel through porous media under aquatic conditions.


[Pic of Kevin]

Kevin Wepasnick, 4th Year Graduate Student

Graduated from Franklin & Marshall College in 2006 with B.A. in Chemistry. Joined lab in Fall 2006. Interests lie in enviromental ly relevent chemistry. Currently on the nanomaterials project working on oxidative methods for treating carbon nanotubes.


[Pic of Samantha]

Samantha Rosenberg, 2nd Year Graduate Student

I graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2008 and joined the lab in July of 2008. My interests lie in surface chemistry. Currently, I am working on electron beam induced deposition of metallic structures through organometallic precursors.


[Pic of Julie]

Julie Bitter , 2nd Year Graduate Student

Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Forensic Science in 2008. Joined the lab in the Fall of 2008. Interests lie in forensic, analytical, and environmental chemistry. Currently working on: transport of oxidized carbon nanotubes through porous media.



Visiting Professors

F. K. Bangash (University of Peshwar, Pakistan)


Christopher Perry (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Oakwood College, Alabama)

Molly McGuire - jointly supervised with Lynn Roberts, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Bucknell, Pennsylvania)

Steve Carlo

Graduate Students

Joshua Wnuk, Ph. D. 2009 (Post Doc, Princeton, New Jersey)

Justin Groham, Ph. D. 2008 (Post Doc, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland)

Stephen Bransfield, Ph. D. 2006 (Independent Project Analysis, Inc., Virginia)

Jessica Torres, Ph. D. 2004 (part-time chemistry lecturer, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Puerto Rico)

Anthony Wagner, Ph. D. 2003 (Johnson & Johnson, Wisconsin)

Masters Students

Adam Grenier - jointly supervised with Lynn Roberts, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, Masters 2003

Laura Langley, Masters 2003 (Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC)

Keping Han, Masters 2000 (CCS Technology Development, Houston)


Mary Vitale, Summer 2009 (Junior at Johns Hopkins Univeristy, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering)

Hannah Wilson, Summer 2009 (Senior at UMBC, Chemical Engineering)

Amanda Bertele, 2007-2009 (Pharmacy School, College of Notre Dame of Maryland)

Kaitlin Schrote, 2007-Current (Senior at College of Notre Dame)

Matt Hicken, Summer 2007, (JHU Alumnus)

Jenn Shin, 2005-2007, (JHU School for Public Health)

Dan Villeanueva (JHU Alumnus)

Glenn Wolfe (Graduate Student, Chemistry Department, Cal Tech)

Chad Vecitis (Post Doc, Yale University, Connecticut)

Amanda Vaught (Law school)