Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering

The Johns Hopkins University

M. Gordon Wolman Seminar Series

Fall 2011


The seminar always starts at 3.00 pm in Ames Hall Room 234 unless noted otherwise.  For disability information, contact Ms. Denise Nowlin (


August 30

Prof. Ed Bouwer:

            Departmental Orientation


September 6

Prof. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Prioritizing Environmental Pollution Risks to Public Health: A Case Study in the United Arab Emirates

Host: Seth Guikema


September 13

Prof. Krista Wigginton, University of Maryland, College Park

How to “Kill” a Virus: Mechanisms of Virus Inactivation with Heat, UV, and Chemical Oxidants

Host: Lynn Roberts


September 20

Ms. Kimberly Burgess, Department of Public Works, City of Baltimore

Retrofitting Baltimore City Streets: Planning, Implementation, and Lessons Learned

Host: Grace Brush


September 27

Prof. Gregory Baecher, University of Maryland, College Park

Learning from Large Systems Risk Assessments after Katrina

Host: Ben Hobbs


October 4

Prof. Seth Guikema, Johns Hopkins University

Bad Things Happen to Good Power Systems: Models and Experiences in Forecasting Hurricane Power Outages


October 11 (day after Fall Break Day)

Prof. Jane Hill, University of Vermont

Identity and Status: How the Volatile Molecules from Bacteria Tell Us Who They Are, How Many There Are, and What They Are Doing …

Host: Kai Loon Chen


October 18

Mr. Michael Curley, Environmental Finance LLC

Paying $5.3 Billion for Stormwater Management: Finance Policy Options for Maryland

Host: Kai Loon Chen


October 25

Prof. Lee Ferguson, Duke University

Analysis and Fate of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in the Aquatic Environment

Host: Kai Loon Chen


November 1

Dr. Susan Richardson, Environmental Protection Agency

The Next Generation of Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products: Occurrence, Formation, and Toxicity

Host: Lynn Roberts


November 8

Prof. Noah Galil, Technion, Israel

Technion Grand Water Research Institute: A Pilot Solving Water Problems for the World

Host: Kai Loon Chen


November 15

Prof. Emily Elliott, University of Pittsburg

Investigating Atmospheric-Terrestrial-Hydrologic Interactions of Reactive Nitrogen using Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Host: Grace Brush


November 22

No seminar



November 29

Prof. Dawn Biehler, University of Maryland, Baltimore Country

Back-Alley Ecology: A Historical Geography of Rats, Homes, and Community in Baltimore

Host: Erica Schoenberger