Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering

The Johns Hopkins University

M. Gordon Wolman Seminar Series

Spring 2012


The seminar always starts at 3.00 pm in Ames Hall Room 234 unless noted otherwise.  For disability information, contact Ms. Denise Nowlin (


January 31

            Prof. Benjamin Zaitchik, Johns Hopkins University

            The Evolving Water Balance of the Nile River Basin

            Host: Kai Loon Chen


February 7

Prof. Ellen Silbergeld, Johns Hopkins University

An Ecological Perspective on Industrial Poultry Production

Host: Grace Brush


February 14

Prof. Mark Wiesner, Duke University

The Charles and Mary O’Melia Lecture in Environmental Science

A Risk Forecasting Framework for Nanomaterials


February 21

Prof. Timothy Ginn, University of California, Davis

Particle Tracking-based Modeling and Column Data Tells about Filtration Theory Performance, Nano-colloid Filtration and Deposited Colloid Distributions

Host: Markus Hilpert


February 28

Prof. Young-Shin Jun, Washington University in St. Louis

Nanoscale Insights into Grand Challenges in Energy and the Environment: Key Reactions at CO2–Brine–Mineral Interfaces during Geologic CO2 Sequestration

Host: Kai Loon Chen


March 6

Prof. Thanh (Helen) Nguyen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rotavirus: Deposition, Aggregation and Inactivation Kinetics

Host: Markus Hilpert


March 13

Dr. Margaret Walls, Resources for the Future

Policy Analysis with an Economic Agent-Based Model of Land and Housing Markets on the Urban Fringe

Host: Seth Guikema


March 27

Dr. Carl Adams, Jr., ENVIRON International, Inc.

Earnest and Agnes Gloyna Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Engineering

Innovative Cost-Effective Control Device for Wastewater VOC Emissions


April 3

Mr. John Quinn, Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy's View of Present and Emerging Environmental Issues

Host: Ben Hobbs


April 10

            Abel Wolman Lecture at the National Research Council, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Michael Kavanaugh, Geosyntec Consultants

Tradeoffs in Water Quality Management: Risk, Economics, and Equity


April 17 (jointly hosted with the JHU Global Water Program)

Prof. Benito Mariñas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Science and Technology Advances for Safe Global Water

Host: Kai Loon Chen


April 24

Dr. Thomas Wilbanks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Perspectives from Sustainability Science about Energy Sustainability

Host: Ben Hobbs


May 2 (Wednesday 3 pm, Special Seminar jointly hosted with E2SHI, Clipper Room in Shriver Hall)

Prof. David Jhirad, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS

Smart Energy Globalization: Implementing Innovative Solutions

Host: Ben Hobbs