Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering

The Johns Hopkins University

M. Gordon Wolman Seminar Series

Spring 2014


The seminar always starts at 3.00 pm in Ames Hall Room 234 unless noted otherwise.  For disability information, contact Ms. Denise Nowlin (


January 28

Prof. Brian McGlynn, Duke University

            Moving from Field Observations of Catchment Storage and Hydrologic Connectivity to New Modeling Conceptualizations

            Host: Ciaran Harman


February 4

Prof. William Cooper, National Science Foundation

Recent Studies of NOM Excited States in the Photochemical (Sunlight) Fate of Organic Compounds and Application in the Design and Optimization of Constructed Wetlands

            Host: Bill Ball


February 11 (jointly hosted with the Global Water Program)

Mr. Andy Karp, USA Chapter of the Inter-American Association of Sanitary & Environmental Engineering

            How Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation Affects the Health of Communities in Developing Countries

            Host: Bill Ball


February 18

Dr. Marc Weiss, Global Urban Development

            Sustainable Innovation, Metropolitan Economic Strategy, and Inclusive Prosperity in Brazil

            Host: Erica Schoenberger


February 25




March 4

Ms. Anna Palazij, PepsiCo


Host: Ben Hobbs


March 11

Prof. Robert Beauchamp, University of Maryland University College

            Global Climate Change – An Update

Host: Hedy Alavi


March 25

Dr. Ariel Grostern, American Association for the Advancement of Science

            Microorganisms for Managing Environmental Quality: Bioremediation and Beyond

            Host: Ed Bouwer


April 1           

Dr. Antoinette M.G.A. WinklerPrins, Environmental Studies in the Advanced Academic Programs, Johns Hopkins University

            Anthropogenic Soils of the Amazon Basin

            Host: John Boland


April 8

            Prof. Chin-Pao Huang, University of Delaware

            Some Examples on the Implication and Application Aspects of Environmental Nanotechnology

Host: Kai Loon Chen


April 10 (Special Seminar, Ames 234, 12 pm)

            Dr. Jason Flowers, University of Washington

Developing a Systems Biology Understanding of the Ecological and Evolutionary Forces Shaping Microbial Community Structure and Function

Host: Ed Bouwer


April 15

Dr. Sebastian Behrens, University Tübingen, Germany

            Molecular Microbial Ecology for Bioremediation and Sustainable Agriculture

Host: Ed Bouwer


April 21 (Special Seminar, Ames 234, 3 pm)

            Karen Dannemiller, Yale University

Linking the Indoor Microbiome to Human Health Outcomes

Host: Ed Bouwer


April 22

            Joseph Lieberman Lecture

Dr. George Apostolakis, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

            Licensing and Oversight of Nuclear Power Plants


April 29

Dr. Sarah Preheim, MIT

Biogeochemical Model Describes Feedback between Environment and Bacterial Community Structure

Host: Ed Bouwer