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Absences, approved
Absolving a grade
Academic calendar 2009-2010
Academic opportunities
Academic probation
Academic standing
Access to first semester grades, student’s
Adding a course
Advanced placement
Advanced placement credit
After graduation, completing majors and minors
After graduation, taking courses
Alcohol Policy
Application to graduate
Approved absences
Area designators
Area designators, Peabody courses
Automobile and Parking Policy

Bachelor’s degree requirements
Baltimore Hebrew University
Bloomberg School of Public Health, courses

Calendar, Academic
Changing a grade
Changing majors or advisers
Cohort classification
Completing graduation requirements
Contact information, maintaining
Cooperative schools, courses
Courses in other JHU divisions
Courses taken in sequence
Covered grades
Credit for work done elsewhere
Credit hours
Credit limit

Dean’s list
Declaring a major
Declaring a minor
Deferred admission
Departmental honors
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dismissal for academic reasons
Distribution requirement
Double majors
Dropping a course

Early graduation
Eligibility for financial aid
Equivalent courses
Exceptions to academic policies and practices

Fee for late registration
Fees and tuition
Financial aid, eligibility
Financial independence
Firearms Policy
First semester grades, student’s access
First semester grades, transcript
Freshman grading
Full-time semesters required
Full-time status when graduating
Fundraising Policy

General certificate of education
General honors
Grade changes
Grade point average calculation
Grade point average for graduation
Grades, absolving
Grades, covered
Grades, incomplete
Grades, marks
Grades, satisfactory/unsatisfactory
Graduating early
Graduation application
Graduation requirements, completing
Graduation, Undergraduate record closed
Group Members and Leaders Academic Policy

Hazing Policy
Holds on registration
Honors thesis, completing

Incomplete grades
Independent Academic Work
Independent Study
Instructor’s permission
Interdisciplinary major
International Baccalaureate
International Baccalaureate credit
Internship, academic

JHU pre-college summer program
JHU summer school
JHU, other divisions
Junior Clearance

Language elements course policies
Last semester option
Late registration fee
Leave of absence
Letter grades

Major, completing requirements for
Majoring in AS and in EN
Majors and minors after graduation
Maryland Institute College of Art
Matriculation status
Music lessons at Peabody

Natural Sciences area major
Number of credits for graduation

On-line courses
Open Space Policy
Opportunities, academic and professional
Other divisions of JHU
Other divisions of JHU, study at
Other US institutions, study at

Peabody Conservatory music lessons
Peabody Conservatory, transfer students
Peabody Preparatory music lessons
Peabody, performance courses
Performance courses at Peabody
Permission required
Pets Policy
Photography and Film Rights Policy
Placement in courses
Postering Policy
Pre-college program at JHU
Pre-college programs, credit for
Probation, academic
Professional opportunities

Refund, tuition
Registration holds
Release of grades to parents
Religious holidays
Residence requirement
Retaking a class
Room Reservation Policy

S/U option for graduating students
Satisfactory academic progress
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading
Schedule adjustment period
School of Medicine, courses
School of Education, courses
School of Public Health, courses
Second majors
Sequential courses
Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy
Statute of limitations on graduation
Student classification
Student Life Policies
Student Life Standards and Policies
Student Technology Services policies
Student’s responsibility
Study abroad
Study at other US institutions
Summer classes at JHU

Taking courses after graduation
Transcript of first semester grades
Transfer credit
Tuition and fees
Tuition refund

Undergraduate Academic Ethics Board
Undergraduate record closed at graduation
Undergraduate Student Conduct Code

Vending and Solicitation Policy

Withdrawal from a course
Withdrawal from the university, voluntary
Writing intensive courses
Writing requirement