Undergraduate Student Handbook
Johns Hopkins University


Your Responsibilities

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering offer myriad opportunities for intellectual exploration, academic challenge, and personal growth. To satisfy your academic goals and assure your progress toward graduation, take action and responsibility for the following:

Seek advice from multiple faculty and other university professionals.

Meet with your assigned academic advisor at least once a semester.

Learn the information contained in this manual. Failure to do so does not excuse you from responsibility for the rules and procedures described herein.

Track your completion of your degree requirements, academic and administrative, as established by your academic major and as outlined in this handbook. Keep careful records of your progress.

Consult your advising office and your major department about any questions concerning academic policy, especially if your program deviates in any way from the rules and procedures in this handbook.

Personal difficulties, illness, or advice contradicting the rules and procedures in this handbook do not constitute automatic grounds for exemption from these rules or procedures. Waivers or exceptions to these rules and procedures must be reviewed and approved in advance and are effective only when endorsed by your advising office.

The University reserves the right to change rules, procedures and other information in this handbook as appropriate. This manual is not to a contract. If you have questions, contact your school's advising office.