Darryn W. Waugh


320 Olin Hall
(410) 516-8344

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News and Announcements

Research Interests
Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics and Transport

My main research interests are oriented towards understanding dynamics and transport in the atmosphere and oceans. Research in the atmosphere focuses on stratospheric and upper tropospheric dynamics/transport. Improved understanding of, and ability to model, fluid motions in these regions is important for understanding the distribution of trace constituents, such as ozone, and for assessing the impact of human activities on the atmospheric environment. In recent years I have also become interested in the transport in oceans and lakes, and the uptake of anthropogenic carbon. More Information

Publications and Preprints
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Current Research Group
      Graduate Students
        Jordan Thomas:    Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions
        Olga Tweedy:    Stratospheric Dynamics
        Anna Scott:    Tropospheric Dynamics
        Xiaokang Wu:    Tropospheric Dynamics
      Post-doctoral Fellows
        Rolando Oliva-Saunders  (Pim Fellow):   Aerosols

Former Members
        Margret Hurwitz (2003) - PhD, Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Cambridge
        Kathleen Schiro (2011) - now in PhD Program at UCLA
        Arielle Alpert (2012) - now in PhD Program at Rutgers
        Chloe Gao (2013) - now in PhD Program at Columbia University
      Graduate Students
        Pingping Rong (PhD, 2002; now at Hampton University):   Stratospheric Polar Vortices
        Andrea Molod (PhD, 2003; now at NASA GSFC):   Land-Atmosphere Coupling
        Beatriz Funastu (PhD, 2005; now at LMD (Paris)):   Tropical Intrusions and Convection
        Hong Zhang (PhD, 2005; now at JPL):   Ocean Transport Timescales
        Ju-Mee Ryoo (PhD, 2009; now at JPL):   Tropospheric Humidity
        Thando Ndarana (PhD 2010; now at South African Weather Service):   Rossby Wave Dynamics
        Scott Guzewich (PhD 2012; now at NASA GSFC):   Mars Atmosphere
        Chang Lang (PhD 2013):   Tropospheric Chemistry
      Post-doctoral Fellows
        Jun Ma (former postdoc; now at NRL):   Stratospheric Transport
        Luke Oman (former postdoc, now at NASA GSFC):   Chemistry-Climate Coupling
        Chaim Garfinkel (former postdoc, now at Earth Science Institute, Hebrew University):   Stratospheric Dynamics
        Lei Wang (former postdoc, now at Columbia University):   Stratospheric Dynamics