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Troweling Down - 18153 Bytes

J.J. Shirley and Kathy Barbash began to excavate today behind the Sacred Lake. J.J. is troweling down on a surface that appeared nearly as soon as we began. Violaine Chauvet came over from her trench to look on.

Scraping for a Surface - 19136 Bytes

J.J. shows Kathy how to scrape for a surface in the area behind the Sacred Lake.

Exposing the Gateway - 22574 Bytes

On the west side of the first court of the Mut Temple, Tammy Krygier, Betsy Teasley Trope, and Yasmin el-Shazly have enlarged the area of the gateway to expose large sandstone blocks. Richard Fazzini of the Brooklyn Museum expedition talks with them about the work.

Throwing the Line - 21997 Bytes Near Miss - 21997 Bytes Success - 20964 Bytes
Making measurements in the Mut Temple is sometimes not as easy as it might seem. The lake is surrounded by tall reeds (which we're in the process of cutting down by hand), and forbid our carrying the string around to stretch from bank to bank. The theodolite, run by Dr. William Peck of the Detroit Institute of Art, is a relic from the 1950's and cannot do distance measurements. So here you see Jay Van Rensselaer, our JHU Homewood Photographer (and a former softball outfielder) throwing a rock with a string tied to it from the north side of the lake to the south. In the second shot Jay's throw (one of many) fell short of its mark, but in the third he finally reached his goal. Does anyone out there have a more modern theodolite they'd like to donate to our expedition? We wouldn't say “no”.
(These pictures were taken by Richard Fazzini of the Brooklyn Museum.)

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