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Tracing the Wall - 16642 Bytes

Fatma Esmail and Jackie Williamson are tracing a portion of the north wall of Tomb 92, of Royal Butler Suemniwet. Here Fatma is working on a part of the scene while Jackie observes.

Checking the Tracing - 20510 Bytes

Working on the north wall of our tomb on the west bank, Jackie Williamson checks her own drawing against an earlier version. Our tracing method requires a number of colors on clear acetate, so that we can indicate stages of tomb painting.

Checking the Drawings - 20948 Bytes

Jackie Williamson and Fatma Esmail check their drawing together on the north wall of the first room of the tomb of Royal Butler Suemniwet.

Tracing an Image - 20320 Bytes

Fatma Esmail tracing round breads (like Pita) being stacked in a storeroom of the palace by men on ladders.

Overlook at Tomb 92 - 16286 Bytes

Jay Van Rensselaer sits on the courtyard wall of Tomb 92 with the town of Luxor visible in the background. The weather is so clear today, and one can see easily how the agricultural area next to the Nile gives way dramatically to the limestone sand desert.

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