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Washing Pottery Sherds - 23854 Bytes

In the afternoon our two pottery washers sit in the shade of Beit Canada and scrub dirty sherds. The water looks capable of making great mud pies.

Taking a Level Reading - 21675 Bytes

We're finally getting down to the original floor level between the jambs of the Thutmose III gateway. Today Violaine Chauvet came down upon a large sandstone slab between the jambs, with indentations on one side. Its original placement is so far impossible to determine. Here Violaine holds the stadium rod as we take a level reading for the new floor of the trench. Tomorrow we'll be down to the mid-18th Dynasty level.

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Nozomu Kawai, a sixth year graduate student working on his dissertation visited our site today. Nozomu has an American Research Center in Egypt Fellowship this year to do field research for his thesis on Tutankhamun. Here he is making a sketch of a granite block of Tutankhamun that is seriously eroded. Before he did these measurements and sketches of each face of the block, he did a tracing of each side of the block in order to copy the inscriptions and scenes.

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