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Digging a Storage Jar - 24915 Bytes

Kathy Barbash is digging a large storage jar in their western square behind the Sacred Lake. She has divided the jar in half and is excavating one side down to a packed layer that was partially burned. The jar is about two meters from an east-west mud brick wall.

Confering on Fragments - 20945 Bytes

Richard Fazzini of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Jaap Van Dijk of Gröningen University, and our inspector from the Karnak Temples area, Mr. Ahmed, confer about two limestone fragments turned up in the clearance of old fill in front of the first pylon (or large gateway) at the Mut Temple.

Working on Pottery - 23465 Bytes

Jackie Williamson working on pottery this afternoon. When Jay Van Rensselaer asked her to smile, she did. Could it be because she's thinking of the birthday celebration the students had for her, Violaine Chauvet, and Tammy Krygier? All of their birthdays have been this week!

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