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Thutmose III Gateway - 19742 Bytes

At the Thutmose III gateway, we're getting down towards the outside original floor level (ca. 1479 B.C.). About twenty centimeters above our target a large slab has emerged across the interior of the gate.

Lifting the Slab - 17479 Bytes

Violaine Chauvet, Betsy Bryan, and Mahmoud Abady lift the slab, hoping for an inscribed surface - which is not to be. The mystery turns out to be a yellowish oval on the side of the block -- the remains of an ancient wood plug which was plastered over. Why?

Scraping Entrance Pavement - 22162 Bytes

The good patience of our team is finally rewarded after we continue to excavate. Here you see Mahmoud Abady scraping the original entrance pavement to the temple. We came to find this, but one never knows whether it will be there. It is a great moment for us all.

Determining the Outline - 23452 Bytes

Tom Kittredge works with Mahmoud Abady to trowel around the pavement blocks under the jambs of the Thutmose III gate - and to determine the outline of the paving block left in front of the door. We have the hint of a true processional way.

Congratulations on Success - 23223 Bytes

Betsy Bryan congratulates Violaine Chauvet for this terrific gateway recovery. Hardy Bryan observes the excitement - which is hard to contain.

Threshold Stone - 20845 Bytes

The end of the day is a real difference from the beginning. Instead of the slab that ran across the jambs, we now have both true paving blocks beneath the original 18th Dynasty jambs - and a threshold stone. Perhaps the threshold was a later replacement, but the paving is original. Mabrouk to our Team.

Clearing behind the Threshold Stone - 21367 Bytes

Beginning of work the next day shows Mahmoud Abady beginning to clear behind the threshold stone. Tune in later this week to find out whether our pavement goes through the doorway.

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