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Sitting at the Gateway - 22747 Bytes

Betsy Teasley Trope sits beside our trench at the gateway of the West side of the first Court at the Mut Temple. Early morning at the temple is a good time to contemplate plans for the day and observe changes in soil we missed the day before. But perhaps Betsy is thinking about her husband, to whom she returns in but a few days.

Knocking on Mud - 19896 Bytes

J.J. Shirley uses her hand to knock against the mud in the hope of identifying mud bricks. Not only the color of soil tells the story, but sometimes the hollow sounds as well.

New Kingdom Pottery Finds - 17129 Bytes

Behind the Sacred Lake our mud brick walls have become ohhh so confusing. We have now had an opportunity to consult an expert about our pottery, and have confirmed what we thought - i.e., we're already getting back to the early New Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period within our walls - that's 1700-1500 B.C. - at least a thousand years earlier than the pottery we're getting in our in-temple areas. These two spouts to vessels, held by J.J. Shirley, turn out to be classic New Kingdom forms. Notice the red slip on the spout on the right. As we hoped, we're definitely finding domestic areas, but now we have to sort out how we've managed to find these early houses -- especially when the surface area nearby to the west is still mixed with later pottery. It's quite possible we have an area that was cut into in the Late Period (660-330 B.C.), thus exposing nearer the surface these early habitation areas. This is actually quite fascinating.

Stela of Ramesses II - 18006 Bytes

Richard Fazzini of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Kara Cooney rest within the shade of the fallen alabaster stela of Ramesses II. Although once a block from a shrine of Amenhotep II (ca. 1425 B.C.) erected in the central temple of Karnak, Ramesses II's builders brought the slab to the Mut Temple and carved a record of his marriage to a daughter of the Hittite ruler, Hattusilis III. Kara and Richard have just finished a thorough tour and discussion of the 25th Dynasty Temple A at Mut.

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