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Pottery Experts at Beit Canada - 22917 Bytes

Helen Jacquet and Jean Jacquet visit Beit Canada at our invitation to look at our pottery. Helen Jacquet is one of the leading experts on Egyptian ceramics in the world. She and her husband Jean work some nine months each year at the North Karnak Precinct -- dedicated to the gods Amun, Montu, and Maat. However, for Helen and Jean, the exciting materials have come from excavation of the temple installations dating to the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period, as well as the early New Kingdom - the period between 1900 and 1500 B.C.

Late Period Gateway Exposed - 18502 Bytes

The Late Period gateway connecting the first court of the Mut Temple to areas west has finally been exposed, and we've been waiting for a shot like this. The entirety of the gate, with the baulk still in place is visible here, but Jay Van Rensselaer had to sacrifice his entire afternoon to get the light properly. Finally at 5:10 p.m., there were no shadows left, and what a fabulous result!

West Court Gateway Excavation - 21044 Bytes

Yasmin el-Shazly is now alone in charge of our West court gateway excavation. Here she supervises the workmen and takes notes at the same time -- she's going to miss Tammy Krygier and Betsy Teasley Trope.

Woodrow Wilson Scholar Abigail McGuirk - 21044 Bytes

Abigail McGuirk, our Woodrow Wilson Scholar, has been down with a sinus infection for a number of days. We're so glad to have her back, but we're sorry she has so little time left. Today she is madly working to carry out research on her chosen topic of Egyptian attitudes towards animals - ancient and modern. But having just spoken with her, she seems to have done two weeks of work in a single day today. She still has a few more days.

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