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Ready to Determine Depth - 22745 Bytes

Amy Rechenmacher from The Whiting School Dept. of Civil Engineering readies her equipment for an attempt at determining the depth of the Sacred Lake. Ron Koder, Ph.D. '99 in Biophysics, has arrived to help us sort out genetic groups in our Theban tomb material. Here he has the job of setting up Amy's GPS brought from home - just in case she loses her way on the Sacred Lake.

Reis Farouk with Rowboat - 27206 Bytes

Reis Farouk has brought us a small row boat so that we can learn the depth of the water. He is shown here having just tested it out. He made his circuit of the lake just like "King Farouk" (his nickname on the site).

Touring the Lake - 22302 Bytes

The joint Hopkins-Brooklyn team of Amy Rechenmacher and Richard Fazzini begins its tour of the lake. The stone you see here is the remains of a sandstone dock built in the pharaonic period, but the white covering on it is the salt precipitate coming from the ground water. This same salt is slowly damaging the stone monuments from the inside out, and is one of the main reasons we would like to lower the ground water level in the Mut Temple.

On the Lake - 21618 Bytes

Amy Rechenmacher takes her first sounding on the west side of the lake (it's horseshoe shaped, with the top of the horseshoe at the south). The early morning light is still producing beautiful effects in the air.

Taking a Sounding - 16919 Bytes

Prof. Rechenmacher takes the second sounding at the south of the lake. Notice that our line tossed across the lake the week before last is still in place. Did anybody find us a theodolite yet?

Returning to Dock - 18570 Bytes

Amy Rechenmacher leans back in celebration after completing her third and last depth sounding in the lake. Richard Fazzini begins to oar the boat back to the stone dock.

Thutmose III Gateway - 25013 Bytes

The beginning of the end at the Thutmose III gateway, as Violaine Chauvet and Tom Kittredge carry out measurements in order to draw an architectural plan of the gate.

Copying Inscriptions - 23785 Bytes

Tom Kittredge places acetate against the east jamb of the Thutmose III gateway in order to copy the inscriptions.

Drawing of the Trench - 22194 Bytes

Violaine Chauvet is understandably proud of her drawing of the trench.

Excavation Site Behind the Sacred Lake - 22121 Bytes

Remember when we just had a lot of halfa grass and the hope of cutting it down to begin excavation? J.J. Shirley has overseen a remarkable transformation behind the Sacred Lake, but Jay Van Rensselaer's photographs do the work justice. The mud brick walls we've encountered in the east trench are beautifully cleaned for this picture. But the pottery coming up next to these walls is earlier than we ever expected here - 17th century B.C. In the trench in the background the top level contains New Kingdom pottery of the 15-14th centuries. Before next year we hope to figure out where the New Kingdom resides more generally.

Inspector Ahmed - 21402 Bytes

Our inspector Ahmed has been a wonderful support to us this month. This week he has given up his personal time to come to the temple in the afternoon so that Jay, Violaine, and J.J. could work late in the day. Today after Jay photographed J.J.'s trenches, Ahmed gives them a hug before returning to his family (including very small children).

Positioning Statue - 21123 Bytes

In the first court of the Mut Temple, William Peck of the Detroit Institute of Arts joins several other men in an attempt to position a statue of Sakhmet on a newly fashioned base that will prevent dampness from the ground.

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